Jason Momoa has so far impressed fans with his performance as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe, but it sounds like even he has been involved in a couple of mishaps behind the scenes.

As seen in a clip shared by The Graham Norton Show from the actor’s 2017 appearance on the show, where he talked about filming the scene where Arthur Curry plunges into cold water in Justice League. Now filming that scene required a very specific wetsuit, which resulted in Momoa accidentally making a very specific mistake during the filming.

“We’re always out there for a while, so they have a very thin wet suit that you put on, so you don’t freeze to death.” Momoa explained. “It’s funny, because I actually went out – they had a nice crane shot, they went out there in front of me. I was walking out, and you know, if you have a wet suit on, the air gets kinda trapped in there.”

“And you’re just walking out and bubbles start coming up.” Momoa continued. “And right when it gets to the level that it’s at, all these bubbles come out like you farted. And the camera’s right there, and I start giggling because of the bubbles, because I can feel them go up too. And then I open it up to let the air out, and then all the cold went in. So my reaction was all like ‘Haha… Ohh!'”

Fortunately, Momoa’s solo turn in Aquaman took a different approach to filming in the ocean, although that caused a whole other share of potential problems.

“It’s so weird! So weird,” Amber Heard, who plays Mera in the film, told reporters during a visit to the film’s set. “I mean, sometimes you have to just step back and look at your life and realize that you are a grown-ass woman attached to two wires being fished around by a bunch of men in bright blue micro-onesies. And you just have to accept it and laugh.”

“Some of my friends tease me, saying I’m wet in every single movie.” Heard continued. “They joke and I’m like, ‘Yeah, well, it’s called being in your twenties and being an actress.’ I’ve survived my entire twenties acting, of course, but in this movie, I’m perhaps the driest. All of the underwater stuff I’m dry for. We have wig caps on and they have to actually make diffused mattifier on my skin, and I have to be dry for reasons that I could not explain to you visual-wise. However, for all the scenes where we’re on land or in air bubbles, which is a thing, they have to completely soak me down. So sometimes part of my routine at work is I show up and get hosed down. This happens throughout a day of filming the same scene because it takes so long to shoot these enormously complex scenes. There are many days when I spend my entire day, every 15 minutes, getting hosed down! And it’s still the driest I’ve been in a movie.”

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