Aquaman: ‘Post-Credits’ Scene Teases Flashpoint Film

Success Of Aquaman

The fate of Warner Bros.’ DCEU universe has changed throughout the most recent years. Now, with the success of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, studio focus has moved.

While there were plans for a Flashpoint film, it sounds like the project has changed if not rejected. Yet, a few of those thoughts still stay, as found in the mid-credits scene for Aquaman.

The post-Credits Scene

Towards the end of the film, Black Manta is saved and nursed back to well being after his body is recovered by Dr. Stephen Shin. Shin was earlier shown to be fixated on paranoid ideas including the kingdom of Atlantis.

While the two make plans to find Atlanta so Black Manta can get his vengeance on Aquaman, we get a look at Dr. Shin’s workspace. The walls and whiteboards are secured with references and cut-outs that indicates the presence of Atlantis.

Neil Daly, who sorted out test screenings for Aquaman, clarified on the Fire and Water digital podcast that one news section was intended to integrate with Flashpoint’s notorious alternate earth story line.

What Daly Said:

“There was another one, that one of the newspaper headings said ‘Wonder Woman Nixes Aquaman Dating Rumor,” Daly said, in reference of the two heroes’ rapport in Justice League. “But at the time of the filming, that was when they were still talking about going ahead with Flashpoint being the Flash story that they were going to do. And so there was a reference to Aquaman and Wonder Woman dating.”

However, director James Wan clarified that he was permitted to make his own, independent film. There’s a motivation behind why no other individual from the Justice League shows up in the new film.

“Just let it be about Aquaman,” Wan told the Huffington Post. “I feel like all the other characters have had so many movies. One should let this be Aquaman’s time in the spotlight.”

Source:, Screenrant

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