Aquaman: The Becoming Teases A Romantic New Cover

In the upcoming Aquaman: The Becoming #5, DC’s new Aquaman, Jackson Hyde, may finally have a new love interest. Since his debut in DC Rebirth in 2016, the former Aqualad has been without a love interest, but that will soon change after a four-year wait.

A Mysterious Love Affair Might Be In The Way!

Aquaman: The Becoming

Since his debut appearance in Brightest Day #10 as a half-human, half-Atlantean, Jackson has had to deal with the truth that he is the son of villain Black Manta. Jackson’s character was reintroduced in DC Rebirth’s Teen Titans #6 where he comes out as gay and learns to navigate his new Atlantean powers, based on the Young Justice character Kaldur’ahm, inspired by Calvin Durham from Adventure Comics #452 (1977). After exposing his powers and expressing his desire to join the Teen Titans, Jackson’s then-boyfriend Kenny abruptly ended their relationship. In the new variant cover of Aquaman: The Becoming #5, illustrated by Khary Randolph, everything is about to change for the hero’s love life now that he has outgrown his prior role as Aqualad, where a mysterious love interest might soon accept Jackson for all of who he is.

The Dreamy Backdrop! 

Aquaman: The Becoming
Aquaman: The Becoming Cover

Behind a pink sunset backdrop with abandoned ships, the alternative cover suggests a passionate connection between Jackson and his unknown new love interest, evoking Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Jackson is dressed as Aquaman and has a smouldering look in his eyes as he gazes passionately into the eyes of his love interest. The love interest in question is dressed in Atlantean armour, implying that they are both Atlanteans. In this tempting variant cover, the pairing has sparked, hinting at a possible love connection between the two.

Jackson was previously announced as the new Aquaman and the mentor of Arthur and Mera’s daughter Andy in the DC Future State: Aquaman miniseries. Jackson’s journey as a hero from Teen Titans member to Arthur’s training has been depicted in Aquaman: The Becoming. Now that he’s established himself as Aquaman, the hero will most likely embark on a new romance, which fans will learn about in Aquaman: The Becoming #5, which will be released on January 18th, 2022.


Prachee Mishra
Prachee Mishra

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