Aquaman’s Opening Weekend In China Gets It Past The Box Office TOTAL Of ‘Justice League’

Aquaman has started its global box office run as a huge success, becoming one of DC’s biggest hits in the market. In just a matter of four days, the film starring Jason Momoa in the lead has already made $107.6 million in China, which happens to be the biggest debut for a Warner Bros film in the country till date.

Not only does the film had the biggest Chinese opening for any DC and WB film, but it’s also already ahead of its predecessors. Over its full run in China, Justice League only made $106 million.

Aquaman opening weekend of $94.2 million is the fourth biggest superhero movie debut in the history of the country. Only Age of Ultron, Venom and Infinity War opened higher than Aquaman. We are yet to see how successful Aquaman would be, as China is the only current market where the film has released until now.

North America won’t see Aquaman until December 21. The film is eyeing a debut of $65 million. While Patrick Wilson plays the main antagonist in the film, Orm, the trailers of the film have shown different shots of Black Manta. For those who don’t know, Black Manta is the arch nemesis of Aquaman in the comics.

As seen in the trailers, there are a few fight scenes between the two characters, and Jason Momoa can’t help but praise those sequences.

“That was an amazing sequence, man. Both of them,” Momoa said. “Just doing the submarine fight was hilarious. I had a great time. The moment they dropped me into the submarine was my first day, so that was a cool fight and to have that moment with his dad. I think Yahya [Abdul-Mateen II], when we were done, I told him, I said, ‘I’m really, really, really proud of you because I didn’t get a beat in on some of those days but super proud of him. He transformed his body the most. He was huge and they didn’t get to see his body as much but, man, he’s a specimen.”

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