Are Alex Rodriguez And Jac Cordeiro In A Relationship? Jennifer Lopez’s Ex Sparks Relationship Rumors With $1.6M Rich Fitness Goddess

It seems like former professional baseball Alex Rodriguez has found the one, once again. The athlete was recently spotted in public holding hands with fitness instructor Jac Cordeiro. The former Yankees star has also dated singer Jennifer Lopez in the past. The two ended their relationship in 2021 as they believed they were better off as friends. They reportedly ended their relationship because the athlete was caught cheating on the singer. Jennifer Lopez is also known as a workaholic, who puts her career first and her relationships second. This explains why the singer has so many failed relationships. She is currently married to actor Ben Affleck.

Alex Rodriguez was spotted with Jac Cordeiro

Alex Rodriguez and Jac Cordeiro
Alex Rodriguez and Jac Cordeiro

Former Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was spotted with Jac Cordeiro on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California on Monday. This comes roughly one year after the athlete ended his last relationship with singer Jennifer Lopez. It seems like the MLB star and the fitness trainer are dating as the two were spotted strolling down the street holding hands. A-Rod wore a navy sweater over a white T-shirt with simple jeans, paired with white Air Jordan trainers.

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The former baseball player dated Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez dated singer Jennifer Lopez between 2017-2021. The two got engaged in March 2019. However, two years later, in April 2021, they decided to end their relationship for good saying that they are “better off as friends.” At the time, sources claimed that the two broke up because the athlete was caught cheating on the singer with her friend model Madison LeCroy.

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez moved on

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Since their breakup in April 2021, the two have moved on with their lives. The singer went on to rekindle her romance with actor Ben Affleck. She got married to the actor twice, the first time in July in Las Vegas and the second time in August in Georgia. However, sources claim that the two are facing issues in their marriage just a few months after their wedding.

Jennifer Lopez has a history of failed relationships, mainly because she puts her career first. On the other hand, Alex Rodriguez seems to be doing fine with his new girlfriend, Jac Cordeiro, who is the owner of her own fitness program JacFit. The real reason behind A-Rod and Jennifer Lopez’s split is still a mystery but the athlete’s infidelity is the most believable reason.

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