‘Are you kidding me?’: 52 Year Old Kelly Ripa Jealous of Own 25 Year Old Son Michael After He’s Named One of the Sexiest People Alive

Kelly Ripa has a bizarre reaction when she got to know something new about her son, Michael Joseph Consuelos. The American actress who rose to prominence through soap operas has recently been in the highlights for her new memoir, Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories which garnered quite an attention. However, she seems to have a different reaction when she got to know about the new title her son is a part of.

Kelly Ripa
Soap Opera Star Kelly Ripa

The 52-year-old star in a new episode of the American syndicated morning talk show Live! with Kelly and Ryan gave a bizarre reaction when co-host Ryan Seacrest brought up the topic of her son.

Kelly Ripa Shocked With Son, Michael Consuelos’ New Title

Kelly Ripa with her son, Michael Consuelos
Kelly Ripa with her son, Michael Consuelos

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The mother of three, Kelly Ripa at one point in the latest episode of her joint show with Ryan Seacrest, Live! with Kelly and Ryan, got amused when she saw her 25-year-old son, Michael Joseph Consuelos’s picture in People’s magazine.

She shares three children with her husband Mark Consuelos – Michael, Lola, and Joaquin. The co-host enlightened the actress about the news of her son being one of the PEOPLE’s Sexiest People Alive. He brought up the topic, “I’m flipping through [the PEOPLE issue] … and I see this page ‘Gen Next’ … Michael is one of the ‘Sexiest People Alive.’”

The co-host pointed out a page where the Riverdale actor was spotted modeling in a green blazer beside an old photo of his dad when he was his son’s age.

She responded by stating, “Are you kidding me?” She then snatched the magazine out of her co-host’s hands and put on her glasses to take a closer look at it.

Kelly Ripa Addresses Son Michael Consuelos Being One of PEOPLE’s Sexiest People Alive

Kelly Ripa with her husband Mark Consuelos
Kelly Ripa with her husband Mark Consuelos

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The actress after snatching the magazine observed it and shared, “You would think he would tell us so we’d pick up a couple of copies for the grandparents.”

She then told how often she forgets that her son and husband look similar until she sees their pictures alongside each other. Before reading aloud the description written in the magazine, she shared, “It’s crazy.”

“Michael respects his father’s work ethic,” Ripa read from the magazine before joking, “Yeah, he worked one day last week.”

She continued to read, “I admire my dad’s organization and timeliness. Growing up we were always really early and if I’m not early some place I kind of freak out.”

She confirmed that it’s quite true as her husband is very strict when it comes to punctuality by stating, “Mark has made us all crazy about time. If we’re not two hours early, we’re late.”

She then complimented her son by telling, “Michael Consuelos. I always considered you a handsome young fellow. Conscientious, hard-working, diligent, respectful,” before whispering that she never had any idea that he would be considered sexy.

Meanwhile, Chris Evans was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive on Tuesday.

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