‘Are You Really THAT Obnoxious?’: Netizens Attack Katy Perry After She Throws Pizza to Crowd, Calls it ‘Mother Feeding Her Children’

A video of Katy Perry throwing pizza slices at her fans went viral on social media. The singer retweeted the video captioning it, “a mother feeding her children“. In the video, Katy Perry can be seen in a pink outfit dancing in a nightclub while a remix of In da Getto by J Balvin and Skrillex plays in the background. She then puts a pizza slice on a paper plate and tosses it into the crowd, who were having a good time. However, people on social media thought her actions were disrespectful. 

Katy Perry threw pizza slices

Katy Perry
In the video, Katy Perry was spotted tossing pizza slices

In the viral video, Katy Perry was spotted in a pink outfit dancing in a nightclub and someone next to her was holding a large pizza box. She then put one slice on a paper plate and tossed it into the crowd. Fans were visibly fighting for the slice that fell on the ground. She then throws a second slice, which instantly disappears. 

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Some people on social media felt it was disrespectful

Hollywood Star Katy Perry
People on social media felt her actions were disrespectful

The singer was accused of wasting food by people on social media. They linked this incident to world hunger and were not happy with the singer.

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The singer received backlash last month for her 4th of July tweet

Hollywood Pop Star Katy Perry
Katy Perry was trolled for her 4th of July tweet

Last month, she received backlash on Twitter for her pro-choice tweet, which was later deleted. She was called a hypocrite as people pointed out that she endorsed billionaire businessman Rick Caruso, who has stated in his old interviews that he opposes abortion in most cases.

Katy Perry began her career in 2001

Katy Perry
The Roar singer began her career in 2001

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, widely known as Katy Perry, dropped her first album Katy Hudson in 2001, under Red Hill Records. The album was quite a flop but that didn’t stop the singer. She then moved to Los Angeles and rose to fame in 2008 thanks to her second album, One of the Boys (2008), which featured her debut single I Kissed a Girl, and another hit single Hot n Cold, which respectively reached number one and three on the US Billboard Hot 100. The singer’s popularity has been growing ever since and today she is one of the most famous singers of all time.

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