Area 51 Raid Event Page Was ‘Mistakenly Removed’, Facebook Says

Obliterating news, people: Facebook has removed the ‘Storm Area 51’ event page for breaching its Community Standards.

If this statement makes no difference to you, here’s a quick sneak peek: half a month ago, a meme page and a Twitch streamer strolled into a bar and created an event page titled, ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,’ implying that thousands of individuals march towards the infamous Area 51 of the US military base. Area 51 is believed to hold aliens since a very long time

How serious is this ‘Storm Area 51’ event?

How serious is this ‘Storm Area 51’ event?
Facebook has removed an event for storming the Area 51 of the US Military Base

“We will all get together at Area 51 and march towards the entrance,” the event description read. “If we Naruto run, we can move quicker than their bullets. We should see them, aliens.” If any boomers are going through the details, let me get straight to the point: this was a joke.

All things considered, the event became famous online, with more than a million people intending to visit the area. A few people have ventured to such an extent as to pre-book the 14-room hotel in the town of Rachel, Nevada, which lies close to the raiding area, and the US military has had to caution individuals not to carry out this raid event. In any case, for the majority of us, the event seemed to be a great meme.

Until Facebook deleted the page, that is.

Facebook is serious about its Community Standards

Facebook is serious about its Community Standards
Facebook removes event page for ‘violating Community Standards’

A couple of days prior, the event page inexplicably became inaccessible to any individual who attempted to see it. Two days back, the event’s maker posted on the social media platform a screenshot showing a message that read, “Facebook has taken down the Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us in light of the fact that the content breached our Community Standards. If there are further violations in the Community Standards, it can lead to your Page getting permanently unpublished.”

Tragically for whoever are attempting to stop this strike, the date of the event has gone viral beyond Facebook.

After all, the only thing we wanted to do was just see them, aliens. In any case, we are not sure if that would be possible. At least, we had a good laugh on them memes.

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