Armie Hammer’s Monstrous Father Michael Armand Hammer Passes Away at 67 After Battling Cancer as Disgraced Son Tries to Make Hollywood Return With Robert Downey Jr.‘s Help

On Tuesday, an official spokesperson for the family confirmed the demise of the 67-year-old American businessman Michael Armand Hammer. An oil mogul’s descendant, Armie Hammer’s father, passed away on Sunday after a “long, hard battle with Cancer.” In the wake of the smash Discovery+ docuseries House of Hammer, the actor’s father cut off financial ties with his embattled son.

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer

Michael Armand Hammer was best known for his ties to Occidental Petroleum, a company founded by his late grandfather, Armand Hammer. Over the years, he also managed the Armand Hammer Foundation, Hammer Galleries, and Hammer International Foundation. A representative for Armie Hammer reportedly said the actor knew Michael Armand Hammer was sick but could not confirm his death.

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Business Titan Michael Armand Hammer Passed Away At 67

Hammer Family
Hammer Family

Businessman Michael Armand Hammer is the father of two sons, Armie Hammer, 36, and Viktor Hammer, 34, with his ex-wife, Dru Ann Mobley. The businessman married his now-wife, Misty Millward, in 2017.

According to reports, Michael Armand Hammer was battling cancer for a very long time, and on Sunday, he lost his battle with the disease. He is survived by his wife, Misty Millward, and Armie and Viktor Hammer.

Before joining Occidental Petroleum, the company his grandfather, Armand Hammer, headed, Michael Hammer, worked for an investment banking firm in NYC. Casey Hammer, Michael Hammer’s sister, says the businessman inherited most of their grandfather’s $40 million fortune.

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Armie Hammer And Michael Armand Hammer Recently Ended Their Relationship

Armie And Michael Armand Hammer
Armie Hammer and Michael Armand Hammer

As a result of backlash following the series, which documented abuse and scandal throughout generations of the Hammer family, Armie Hammer was blacklisted from acting jobs and was allegedly forced to sell timeshares at Morritt’s Resort in Grand Cayman.

Over the past few years, Armie Hammer has fallen out of the spotlight. In March 2021, the actor was accused of sexual assault by multiple women. However, any wrongdoing was denied by him. According to Vanity Fair, he sought treatment for drug, alcohol, and s*x abuse.

In the recent Discovery+ docuseries The House of Hammer, multiple women made allegations against the actor and the toxic environment he and other Hammer family members allegedly grew up in. However, in July 2022, Vanity Fair reported that Robert Downey Jr. stepped in to steer Armie Hammer into rehab when Hammer was in the canter of his dark side. According to the source, Robert Downey Jr. paid for Hammer to spend nearly six months at the Guest House rehabilitation facility in Florida after Hammer’s father cut off financial ties.

During the Discovery+ docuseries House of Hammer, Michael Hammer and the Hammer family were heavily discussed. When interviewed for the project, Michael Hammer’s estranged sister, Casey Hammer, revealed family secrets, claiming that he and Dru Ann Mobley took possessions from their father’s house while still dead in his bed in 1990.

Casey Hammer also revealed much darker secrets about her family’s past, including allegations that Michael Hammer’s father would shoot guns at her and allegedly battered their mother, Glenna Hammer, leaving her covered in blood before their divorce.

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Source: Page Six

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