Arnold Schwarzenegger Is In Talks To Join The Marvel Universe!

 Marvel Wants To See Arnold Schwarzenegger Joining The MCU:

A Still Of the "Austrian Oak" Arnold Schwarzenegger
Marvel president Kevin Feige wants Arnold Schwarzenegger to join the MCU

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still working in Hollywood as an actor, despite the fact that he is best known now for his work as a politician. His most notable recent performances have seen him return for sequels, such as Terminator: Dark Fate in 2019. This may give the impression that he is fading out of his job as an actor at this stage in his career, but that is not what Marvel’s CEO wants to see. Arnold Schwarzenegger has met with Kevin Feige about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to a reliable source for Giant Freakin Robot. While he has not officially agreed to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it appears that Kevin Feige and Arnold Schwarzenegger are discussing a prospective collaboration. We can confirm that they are discussing roles for the actor, but we were unable to identify any specific character that the actor may play. Arnold Schwarzenegger has previously shown a preference for franchises and major roles. With his career now slowing, it will be fascinating to see if he takes on a larger role or something less time-consuming. A role in a Marvel film may be a significant commitment for an actor because it could lead to several roles in future Marvel films for the cinematic universe.

When people think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, they most often think of his time as the terminator:

A Still Of Arnold Schwarzenegger, portraying the Endoskeleton
A Still Of Arnold Schwarzenegger, portraying the Endoskeleton in all the Terminator movies

When most people think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, they recall his time as the Terminator. He has, however, previously appeared in comic book films. In Batman & Robin, he played Mr. Freeze for DC. It’s easy to envision him playing another legendary villain. Because of the solemnity with which he delivers his lines, he is an obvious candidate for that type of part. Playing a tougher anti-hero, such as Ghost Rider, might be a great role for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has spent a lot of time on a motorbike in previous films. Marvel’s CEO is Kevin Feige. While the films occasionally bring in performers who were unknown before joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has also managed to sign on actresses with established careers, such as Angelina Jolie for Eternals. Simultaneously, he’s brought on popular young pop musicians like Harry Styles, who just appeared in the Eternals post-credits sequence.

What Type Of Audience Will Arnold  Bring:

A Still Of The Ghost Rider
People Are Willing To Arnold Schwarzenegger See As The Ghost Rider

Bringing in a figure like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has a long Hollywood history, might help draw an older audience to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the same way that Harry Styles is bringing in younger followers. According to demographic polls, Marvel’s core audience is younger, with the majority of their audience being under the age of 54. Many of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biggest box office hits were in the late 1980s and 1990s, which may make him more appealing to older audiences. It will be difficult to cast Arnold Schwarzenegger in the correct role because he is such a renowned actor with a voice that fans recognize. When the audience sees the actor, they have a lot of expectations. It’ll be interesting to see how Marvel uses it to their advantage if he decides to join up.

Source: Giant Freakin Robot 

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