Around 200 Movie Theaters To Open In US Post Lockdown

The COVID 19 pandemic started a few months ago. It has left the entire film industry shattered and vacant around the world. In the US., the movie theatres had to shut down like most other unessential businesses in mid-March.

Due to this crisis, all the theatre business is now facing common financial problems. Moreover, this problem doesn’t seem to have any solution at least right now.

The lockdown in the U.S. has made the entire entertainment industry postpone the dates of releases of all the summer blockbusters. But, recently a few sources revealed that around 200 movie theatres might just open in the U.S. post lockdown.

Theatre’s reopenings post lockdown by the U.S.

Some reports state that “about 200 theatres” around the U.S. might open up for business among which most of them are the drive-in theatres.

Nearly about 150 drive-in locations are on the verge of opening in the United States. These drive-in theatres have enforced social distancing among the people.

Hence, some states like Texas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Georgia allowed reopenings of theatres partly.

These states decided to start their businesses but only under strict guidelines. The guidelines mainly include enforcing social distancing, maintaining physical distancing protocols, and temperature checks.

Also, other precautionary measures are enforced, such as more than 24 people and five people in a group won’t be allowed in each auditorium. In fact, everybody has to wear face masks, and seats will be arranged in order to maintain a social distancing policy.

Flim industry crisis post lockdown.

The COVID 19 pandemic has taken a hit on the industry. Thus, post lockdown, to start over the film business, the industry needs to resume the half away projects and then, continue to release the completed ones.

At this point in the pandemic, some movies are yet to figure out on the release calendar, whereas, many films are almost nowhere to get a release at this point.

As per the news, Christopher Nolan’s movie Tenet might release next at the box office. Also, Walt Disney’s film Mulan is on the list of upcoming movies in the theatres.

The achievement of the drive-in theatres is not at all a surprise to Joe Bob Briggs, especially during this period as he is the world’s foremost drive-in movie critic, stating, “The drive-in will never die,”

The industry and studios also altered their on-screen plans for the year 2020. For example, Marvel Studios postponed their entire part of Four slate. Sony Pictures also canceled their summer film release of 2020 and might release these new movies next year.

Yet no reopenings for few theatres.

Despite these rules and regulations, few theatres still decided to remain closed in states like New York, Maine, New Mexico. During this pandemic, the major theatre chains like the Regal, AMC and Cinemark will also remain closed at least for some time now.

Some rumors came to the forefront a few days back mentioning that the AMC Theatres, Cineworld has been discussing selling off their debt to some other companies. But, neither of them has confirmed such statements. It was also in the news about China reopening its film business.

They might release films like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. But, the Chinese government, later on, ordered them to close again. Nevertheless, there are even reasons to be optimistic, as the industry wants to keep the blockbusters on the big screens.

Watch out this video to keep yourself engaged with the top drive-in movies:-

YouTube video

Sources: Comic book, Hindustan times

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