‘Arrow’ Season 8 Episode 6 marks the arrival of Quentin Lance and a perilous hostage emergency

Arrow Season 8 has brought back practically every important individual from the life of Oliver Queen/Green and the latest episode titled Reset welcomes back an old friend.

The Shocking Return of Quentin Lance

The Shocking Return of Quentin Lance
The series Arrow season 8 episode 6 starts with the shocking return of Quentin Lance.

The fans of series Arrow were eagerly waiting for the episode 6 titled Reset directed by David Ramsey. At first, the series is getting closer to its finale, but the excitement was high for the return of their favourite Quentin lance. Episode 6 of Arrow marks the arrival of Paul Blackthorne’s fan-most loved Quentin Lance. The mystery continues behind the return of Quinton as we all witnessed his tragic death in Arrow Season 6 finale.

Spoiler Alert: Full synopsis for the episode ‘Reset’ From Arrow Season 8

Spoiler Alert: Full synopsis for the episode 'Reset' From Arrow season 8
Arrow will welcome back an old friend in Tuesday’s episode, titled “Reset”.The episode revolves around Quentin Lance and Oliver

Oliver is facing a life-or-death situation as Lyla double-crossed him. He is awakening from sleep after two days in the wake of being sedated by Lyla Micheals on a rooftop. Quentin Lance is shockingly alive.

The police precinct is facing a hostage situation. Quentin goes to meet with the hired fighters. In the meantime, Oliver comes into rescuing him, but they get to know something very unexpected. They can stop the attacker from firing, but the attackers are carrying the bomb. Oliver wakes up in his apartment and finds out that They’re in a time loop.

This time loop in Arrow is something different from the Arrowverse. It’s a trial of sorts. Laurel was also in a time loop; however, figures out how to return once she gets closure with Quentin. She desperately needed that closure with Quentin. So that she stops blaming herself for his death while saving her two years back.

Oliver’s solution to stop the time loop is that he can’t battle his destiny. His death and Crisis are inescapable. The moment he discovers that lesson the time loop stops and Oliver was able to move on.

Director David Ramsey Take on the Latest Episode ‘Reset’ From Arrow

Director David Ramsey Take on the Latest Episode 'Reset' from Arrow
David Ramsey who directed the latest episode ‘Reset’ was all praise for the actor of the show in the interview.

David Ramsay director of the episode ‘Reset’ telling TV Guide that Blackthorne captured everyone’s attention in his arrival. He talks about Paul acting by stating him as brilliant in this episode. Here are things needed to do and make a character to support his very own curve. He did it just brilliantly. I thought he was incredibly in this episode.”

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