Arrow Sets Up First Villain For Spinoff Series Green Arrow And The Canaries

Arrow has given birth to the entire Arrowverse so it is no stranger to setting up plot points for other shows to explore later on. They have done this successfully this time as well for their sequel show.
SPOILER WARNING: This contains spoilers for Arrow’s season 8 episode titled “Present Tense.”

This new episode of Arrow brought a whole lot of Deathstroke sized surprises. But no one could actually guess who was behind the mask after all. Yet the episode ending gave us the idea that things are about to get interesting for Future Team Arrow.

Grant Wilson Is Deathstroke Now

Grant Wilson is the current deathstroke in Arrow. Pic courtesy:
Grant Wilson is the current deathstroke in Arrow. Pic courtesy:

A new Deathstroke has shown up in Star City and Mia, Connor and William assume that it must be J.J Diggle who somehow must have also been brought to the past with them. Early on in the episode, that does seem to be the case. But when the future Team Arrow head out to deal with the threat and avenge Zoe Ramirez as well then they find themselves encountering something unexpected. They find out that the new Deathstoke in Star City isn’t J.J. It’s actually Grant Wilson.

But this isn’t Arrow’s first time naming dropping Grant Wilson. Back in the Season 6 episode of Arrow titled “Promises Kept“, it was revealed that Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) had two sons. Oliver and Slade are aware of Joe who followed in his father’s footsteps. But Joe revealed that he had another brother- Grant, who was kept a secret by their mother. Even before that, in the very first season of Legends of Tomorrow, episode “Star City 2046”, Grant Wilson was revealed to be the future Deathstroke who went up against Connor Hawke’s Green Arrow. But that timeline isn’t a possibility.

Who Is Grant Wilson In DC Comics?

Grant Wilson is Ravager in DC comics. Pic courtesy:
Grant Wilson is Ravager in DC comics. Pic courtesy:

Avid DC Comics fans will find Grant Wilson to be a familiar name. But he isn’t known as Deathstroke per se. In the comics, Grant is the son of Slade Wilson. In the Arrowverse, this much has been established as well. But this is the point from where the comics and Arrow’s interpretation of the character diverge. In the comics, Grant adopts the mercenary persona of Ravager. In the most recent DC continuity, Grant was hired by H.I.V.E. to take out the Teen Titans. But the genetic modifications made to him gave him a heart attack during the fight, killing him.

The revelation of Grant Wilson as the new Deathstroke in Star City 2019 also made it known that J.J became the leader of the Deathstrokes in 2014. All this is interesting development, which will surely get even more so when Mia, Connor and William return to their own time. But the question also is, will he show up for Crisis in someway, just like people are expecting a certain Beetle to? Afterall, Crisis has a habit of uniting both heroes and villains to fight for a bigger cause.

Arrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8 on The CW.

Mia is almost surely going to be the future green arrow, but many are having trouble believing it. So here’s a video talking about all the variations of Green Arrow, which the show can draw from:

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