The relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak has been a favourite since the premiere of Arrow series. While both of them are still facing tough times, fans are still standing by their favourite pair: and actress Emily Bett Richards knows why.

While appearing in an interview with TV Guide, the actress who reprises Felicity on the series explained that it’s the relationship that resonates with fans.

“I hope that it’s because it’s honest and working towards a place of what we all sort of want and where we can see ourselves bettering ourselves,” Rickards said. “I don’t know what the magic equation is to writing something that hits somebody at a certain time. We’re so grateful. I mean I really like them as a couple, I’m pro-them as a couple.”

However, their status has take s big leap this season. At the end of the sixth season, Oliver makes a deal with the FBI to go to the prison for all crimes he did as Green Arrow in exchange for immunity for Felicity and rest of the Arrow team.

“I think the way that they communicate and talk to each other is about them growing,” Rickards said. “That’s not always interesting to watch on TV… it’s not always great to watch happy things on TV all the time, even comedy has very dark themes, but there is such a purpose towards them working as a couple and working through it. I hope that’s what grounds people to their relationship.”

Believe it or not, for what it seems like, Oliver and Felicity’s struggles are only going to get more difficult as the show carries on, something that showrunner Beth Schwartz says will be “authentic.”

“For their arc [this season], what I like about it the most is we’re really going for the real struggles in marriage, so that’s kind of where we’re approaching their relationship,” Schwartz said. “It’s going to feel really authentic.”

Arrow will air on Monday at 8 PM on the CW.

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