Arrow stars are all proud of Stephen Amell, share their appreciation

Arrow announced this year that Season 8 would be the series last with the popular series ending its story. Series star Stephen Amell, in particular, has been expressive about the bittersweet decision to end the run. But at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month, the other members of the show’s cast took the opportunity to open up about their favourite memories of Stephen Amell and their time on the series.

During  San Diego Comic-Con, series stars shared some of their favourite Amell moments which included high praise for his dedication to the series even from the beginning.

Stephen Amell with Ramsay

Stephen Amell with Ramsay
Ramsay with Stephen Amell

I’m walking down the hallway, I hear someone say, ‘Ramsey.’ I know it’s Stephen,” Ramsey said. “I walk into the room and Stephen’s there shirtless. He’s talking to me about what’s happening with the show, and how much he can’t wait to work with me. And he’s looking forward to a long relationship. And all I saw were abs, a bunch of biceps and earlobes. Because he has muscles on his earlobes. But the picture physically of that was just a picture of someone’s dedication and it extended to the set and every day at work.”

Gonzalez admires Stephen Amell for his dedication

Gonzalez admires Stephen Amell for his dedication
Rodgers also expressed her appreciation.

“Coming in Season 5, immediately I saw the hard work he put in for the last four seasons. I remember distinctly last Season 7 I was talking to Michael Jai White and he brought up what he was privy to see in Season 1 or 2 and the hard work [Amell] put in,” Gonzalez said. “And Michael Jai White has worked with like Jackie Chan. People at that level. The fact he put Stephen Amell higher than those guys… I remember even seeing another clip of another season where he’s like scaling a wall. I texted him immediately and said, ‘You scaled a wall? When did you do that?’ He set the bar for the show.

Rodgers is proud of the Arrow Star

“I was just saying to Stephen backstage that I am proud of him,” she said. “How hard we all work. Especially being Number 1 on the call sheet in a production that is this demanding is insane. I remember when we shot the pilot I said to Stephen, ‘just, don’t eff this up.’ He didn’t. I do say this, I’m so proud of him and so impressed with him. He led us to where we are.”

Arrow’s final season will begin Tuesday, October 15th.


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Source: ComicBook , Cinemablend

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