Arrow: ‘Stephen Amell’ Loses Pro-Wrestling Match Against ‘Christopher Daniels’

Arrow star Stephen Amell made an appearance in the pro wrestling ring at an All In pay-per-view event against veteran Christopher Daniels. Over the years, many celebrities from outside the world of wrestling have tried their hand in the ring.

Many of these instances have happened in WWE, as it’s the biggest wrestling platform in the world. Most of these wrestlers are football or boxing athletes but there have been instances when various movie and TV stars have made special appearances in the ring.

Amell who stars in CW’s Arrow is a die-hard fan of pro wrestling and has earlier made an appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw in 2015. The show showed an onscreen feud between Amell and Stardust (portrayed by Cody Rhodes). Amell later got his first Summerslam match teaming up with Neville against Rhodes and Wade Barrett.

Stephen Amell yet again made his return to wrestling and he took to Twitter after the match, graciously acknowledging his defeat, even praising his opponent Christopher Daniels as the better man in the ring.

He tweeted:

Amell attempted to take Daniels down with a diving elbow drop that went wrong and Amell couldn’t quite hit Daniels with it. The match between the two was worth watching and even his ex-opponent Cody Rhodes pointed out Amell’s hard work for it. He even explained why Amell going against Daniels was the most perfect match for Amell. Here’s what he told in an interview:

“As far as the whole totality of the show, there’s 11 matches with zero hour, and the all-in broadcast itself,” Rhodes said. “I think the one that wrestling fans are a little sticky with is Stephen Amell versus Christopher Daniels, and to me, from a director’s standpoint, I’m going to have to remind myself not to be a fan because I’m such a fan of C.D., and Stephen’s one of the hardest working people I know. I really hope that that surprises people, that that turns some heads. Because they’re in a volatile environment. Chicago, and BT fans, they accept nothing less but perfection.

And C.D., I don’t know, he was the right person at the right time.”

Rhodes said.

“I mean, if I’m talking as a real insider perspective, here’s two guys that I would give the world to. I won my first world title from Christopher Daniels, and I may dislike him. He’s literally busted my lip and both my eyebrows, but I’ll have a bond with that guy forever because of it. And Stephen, even though I read for eight different parts and finally got something, Stephen has been a big part of my career. That was my favorite thing that I did as Stardust. It really helped me learn the character, and to be able to come into his world, and that’s something that I want to pursue, and we’re doing more with after.”

Watch Amell’s return to the wrestling ring at All-In? If not, go ahead and watch it and let us know in the comments below.

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