Arrow Stephen Amell Suffered Another Scary Panic Attack!!!


While recording a podcast with Michael Rosenbaum recently, Stephen Amell encountered a scary panic attack. The Arrow star went back to Rosenbaum recently to complete their recording for another episode, which he says had him in a much better mental spot. “I did Rosey’s podcast when Arrow ended,” Amell said in a tweet. “We had to cut it short because I had a full-on panic attack. It wasn’t pretty. I came back a few weeks ago to chat about it. I was in a really bad spot, and I’m happy to report that I’m doing much better.”

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The new episode of Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast is available now. Rosenbaum’s official account for the show calls it “the most jaw-dropping episode we’ve ever done. Coming off the ending of his eight-year tenure with Arrow, Stephen Amell opens up a lot about being at his wits’ end and being completely burnt out.”

The Podcast:

While listening to the podcast, at the 29:54 mark, Amell dismisses himself, citing a sick feeling. He returned to the podcast, which picks up his interview at the 36:00 mark, where he finishes the podcast and opens up about the panic attack around the 42:00 mark. “For starters, I should’ve canceled,” Amell said. “I left here; I walked home. You pulled up beside me and tried to drive me home. I was freezing on the walk.” When he got home, he put a blanket over himself and was sweating profusely. “I told my wife, ‘I had a really bad panic attack.'” Rosenbaum also texted Amell’s wife to check in on him.


“I was pretty positive that there was nothing physically wrong with me, but as we discussed the leaving of the show combined with just not breaking away from it in my life, in terms of getting back into Los Angeles, it was like I needed this clean break,” Amell said. “I just hadn’t disconnected, and ironically, I had said with Code 8 coming out, that ideally I’m gonna be in Los Angeles.” He was looking forward to being with the team to prepare for Code 8’s release. Working to promote the film pushed him beyond exhaustion, as Amell puts it, he was, “just done.” After a doctor told him nothing was wrong, Amell realized it was in his head, which he seems to have been both relieved by and a bit more scared by, simultaneously.

Source: ComicBook, EtCanada

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