Arrow: The Monitor’s New Deal With _ Proves to Be Bad News for Oliver

The recent episode of Arrow Season 8 revealed Laurel Lance being forced into making a difficult choice. The episode, “Present Tense” showed an interaction between Lance and The Monitor. The Monitor approached Lance with the promise of saving the world, but a promise that comes with a price. Lance will have no choice but to betray Oliver Queen in order to save Earth-2.

Interaction Between The Monitor and Laurel Lance

Interaction Between The Monitor and Laurel Lance
The Monitor took Oliver Queen to Earth-2 to obtain a unique element

The final moments of Arrow’s episode show The Monitor revealing himself from the shadows to Lance, who just exited from Star City’s Police Department. He claims he knows about her pain from the world she lost. He adds that he possesses the power to restore her world. The claim strikes Laurel as a surprise, who repeats, “You can bring back my Earth.”

However, The Monitor reveals moments later that restoring Earth-2 is conditional upon a single task that she’ll have to carry out. Laurel Lance will have to betray Oliver Queen. The episode ends immediately after his demand. Lance’s response is kept from the audience in what can only be a gut-wrenching cliff-hanger.

Destruction of Earth-2


Destruction of Earth-2
The Monitor uses Laurel Lance’s grief towards the loss of her world

Earth-2 was previously destroyed by anti-matter in the season 8 premiere of Arrow. Considering The Monitor’s powers, it seems highly unlikely that he’d be able to restore Earth-2. The Monitor took Oliver to Earth-2 in order to collect an element that only existed in that specific world. He essentially rushed Oliver throughout the quest. It implies that preventing or postponing the oncoming destruction of the world was out of his hands.

The Monitor’s Unknown Plan

The Monitor
The Monitor is a powerful cosmic entity

The comic version of the event didn’t depict The Monitor with the ability to do so either. The comic event had The Monitor gathering all the DC Universe heroes and villains to stop a threat that he couldn’t take on by himself. This leaves with the fact that he is using Lance’s grief at the loss of her world to manipulate her to turning against Oliver Queen.

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