Marc Guggenheim writer and co-creator of Arrows disclosed that the series finale reprocessed footage from a cut season 2 scene. Arrow, The CW series inspired by the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow, ran 8 seasons prior to finally coming to a close early this year. The series finale of Arrow dealt with the repercussions of the Green Arrow’s demise and paid a sentimental tribute to the fallen hero. The series finale of Arrow was a pleasing conclusion to the long-running superhero drama and resolved the tale arcs of the remaining characters.

Marc Guggenheim post

On Twitter, Marc Guggenheim disclosed that scenes from season 2 that were cut at the time, were used for the opening moments of the series finale. Guggenheim posted two pages of the script that were reprocessed, along with a caption that reads, “This is the original opening for Arrow Ep. 223. It was cut for time, but we shot it and utilized that footage for the opening moments of the series finale.

Imaginations of Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen imagining to save his mother in some parallel universe

The script pages exhibit Oliver Queen fantasizing a scenario in which he was able to save his mother, Moira, from Slade Wilson. Moira had been murdered by Slade in the primary, Arrow timeline in season 2. This is the scene that was recycled and utilized in the series finale, and also saved the show’s creators from coming back to the same location. This scene was usable in the finale because when the multiverse was restarted by Oliver, the rebooted universe had a version of Moira that survived the season 2 encounter with Slade.

Arrow scene glimpses

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Glimpse and peeks of the arrow scenes

This isn’t the first time that Guggenheim has provided Arrow fans a behind-the-scenes peek. Guggenheim has been posting old Arrow script pages on his Twitter account for a few days. Guggenheim pulling back the curtain on the making of Arrow is welcome present to fans who want a behind-the-scenes glimpse. The show may be over, but it left behind a heritage of superhero series that comprise an ever-augmenting, collective universe. There are still many more tales to narrate in the Arrowverse.

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