Arrowverse: 5 Characters Who Deserve The Spotlight (And 3 Who Need To Get Out)

Arrow is going to head into its seventh season and the currently expanded CW’s DC comics universe which has The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl are all lined up for their next seasons. Though all these shows mostly revolve around the lives of the titular characters, there are other important characters which play a very important role in the course of the show.
Arrowverse mostly centres around teams rather than heroics of an individual. Today we will discuss about those characters who deserve a bigger spotlight and well, obviously to balance it up a few who need to get out of it. So, here we go!

Deserves it: Kara Danvers

All Arrowverse shows have struggled with their third seasons and slowly with the third one, their shows start struggling. The Flash lost its way too back in third season after Savitar came in the scene. And well, the same happened in Supergirl’s third season was surprisingly underwhelming for all of us.
The plot seemed to be going without allowing any character development and now the show really needs to focus on Kara and fix the mess created in its last season. Well, she’s a symbol a hope after all, isn’t she?

Needs to get out: Ralph Dibny

Flash’s season four saw another member of Team Flash. Elongated Man joined the Arrowverse and all of a sudden he became a central character of almost four episodes.
As a result of this, other characters got sidelined and this really left the fans confused. We hope that the writers balance this out really soon.

Deserves it: Caitlin Snow

Flash has always had difficulties with its female characters. One would’ve expected things would get better by season four but unfortunately, Dr. Caitlin Snow was dealt in the worst manner possible.
Dr. Snow got stripped of lines and duties that should’ve normally gone to Her. We really hope to see more of her now!

Needs to get out: Joe West

He’s like a father figure to the entire Team Flash. Like, DAD OF THE GODDAMN SHOW! He’s supportive, protective and well, loving too. AND EVERYONE LOVES HIM!
But, here’s the thing, Joe and Cecile should play a lesser role in Team Flash and let the team fight crime instead.

Deserves It: J’onn J’onzz

Someone needs to remind the writers of Supergirl that they have Martian Manhunter in the show too and you simply cannot forget him!
We saw him in the third season where he’s dealing with his father’s illness and we really wish to play him a greater part as Martian Manhunter though the chances of seeing him in season four are negligble but we’re still hopeful.

Needs to get out: Iris West

Iris West is someone who’s controversial and while few fans loved her in season four, a few didn’t buy her baffling “character development”. To be honest, that wasn’t development. THAT WAS A TOTAL 180 degree TURN.
Her getting all the spotlight even sidelined Barry at times and the show seemed to be just persistent on making everyone believe that Iris should be the leader of Team Flash. But again, it looked force. We hope this stops now! FOR GOD’s SAKE, PUHLESEEEEE!

Deserves It: Barry Allen

The Flash. The main guy. A speedster. And well, honestly we love him. All of us! But there’s one trouble with this series. We often see other characters sidelining Flash.
It’s okay to have a well developed gang of other supporting characters, the stress should be more on the main character, Barry Allen. We hope the writers realise their mistakes and correct them in the next season.

Deserves It: Oliver Queen

He’s the main and the oldest character in the roster and it’s natural for him to be in spotlight. All the Arrowverse shows are more about team work than individuals.
It all started with Queen embarking on a journey to rid Star City of crime. There are well developed characters too but we really wanted Queen to step up as the leading force to the show.

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