Arrowverse Is Ignoring A huge Crisis On Infinite Earths Problem

Crisis on Infinite Earths transferred the Arrowverse landscape in multiple ways yet the shows of the shared DC universe are avoiding the most disastrous implication. Crisis united the recognized Arrowverse heroes against the devious Anti-Monitor in order to save the entire multiverse.

Queen’s sacrifice

Oliver Queen
Oliver queen’s ultimate sacrifice


After the multiverse was successfully demolished by the Anti-Monitor, it took Oliver Queen using his new Spectre powers to reconstruct it at the expense of his own life. Queen’s sacrifice led to the formation of Earth-Prime and a brand-new timeline. On the surface, that may seem like hurdles for the titular heroes to overcome. However, there is a deeper insinuation that is far more troubling and has gone humongously unattended: The Flash, Supergirl, and the others have actually stolen the lives they are now living. The Flash and Supergirl together have shed light on the modifications while glossing over the deeper meaning

The flash

Does 'The Flash' TV Show Follow the Comic?

The fact was clearest in The Flash when Barry Allen was clueless of what Team Flash had done to Pied Piper, while the Chester P. Runk character was absolutely aware. On Supergirl, meanwhile, Kara legit had to watch a DEO commercial that featured her and Lex as collaborators.

Arrowverse and doppelgangers

Arrowverse Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
dopplegangers building a new earth

essentially, this indicates that even though the new Earth has only just been formed from the main characters’ point of view After all, people are usually molded by their memories and experiences. As such, Barry, Kara, and the rest are no longer the same people as formed on this new Earth. Arrowverse have essentially body-snatched the lives of their duplicates and seemingly without a care, beyond Cisco worrying about adorning clothes he never bought. Whether such consequences will ever be straight forward addressed or explored, however, remains to be seen.

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