The filming for the upcoming Elseworlds crossover has already caused quite a stir. Now, we know that it will feature Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman in the famous black suit and will also introduce Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. Knowing that it will also feature the Arkham Asylum, it’s safe to say that Gotham City will be one classic DC setting for the event.

Obviously, everyone would love to see Batman’s debut in the Arrowverse, and many fans thought that it might come true after Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles made an appearance on the set. Ackles has been many fans’ casting for the iconic role on the CW, so the idea of him donning the cape doesn’t seem too bad.

However, Arrow star Stephen Amell quickly shot down the rumour. “Let me squash this rumour right now,” he tweeted. “[Jensen Ackles] was on set tonight because he’s Grant Gustin’s #2 fan (I’m #1) and not because he’s playing the Batman.”

This is unfortunate although the casting would have been way too cool! Ackles has had a long history with superhero projects. After auditioning for Clark Kent on Smallville, he ended up playing Jason Teague. Years later, he was Marvel’s second choice to reprise the role of Captain America in the MCU.

His portrayal of Jason Todd in the animated Batman: Under the Red Hood really cemented his legend among the DC fans. Ackles had fans wondering in 2013 when he showed Up at Comic-Con International in a Batman t-shirt.

At that point in time, Ben Affleck wasn’t yet confirmed and fans thought that finally, Ackles has landed up with the role. Speaking about the role, he said, “Any guy in his right mind would die to play Batman. It would be a dream come true.”

Ackles has strong ties with the CW, having appeared for 14 seasons of Supernatural. Both Warner Bros and DC knows that he’s capable of playing the role. The biggest factor is that his casting would be received pretty warmly by fans. Everyone likes him, which is a rarity in the modern age.

Sadly, this casting might be too difficult to come alive due to other reasons.

CW states that it doesn’t have rights to include Batman in its shows, yet it keeps mentioning the hero. The addition of Batwoman further raises a question: can’t something be worked out like it was for Superman?

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim talked about the possibility of Batman in the Arrowverse last year. ”

Gotham is set to end next year, so could this open the gates for Batman in the Arrowverse? The fact is that if Superman could find his way to the Arrowverse, they should be able to do the same with Batman. Someone call Ackles for the role, already!

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