Artist Puts Marvel Characters On Well-known Film Banners.

Marvel is an established and successful brand, from comics to movies. Their film banners to casting and storyline to direction are almost perfect. Even Marvel’s characters have their specific plot, which denotes distinct love and emotions.

Marvel's film banners on distinct movies

However, at times the artistic mind and technology can create wonder. One such surprise includes Marvel characters placed on film banners. And trust me, these banners enhance the beauty of both the original movie and Marvel’s nature set on them.
Let’s get started.

Dr. Strange starring Inception

Dr. Strange in Inception movie banner
Dr. Strange in Inception movie banner

Marvel’s Dr. Strange Character in the Inception movie poster is perfectly befitting as both of the films are amazed viewers and have somewhat similar plots.
Christopher Nolan’s Inception is a science fiction that tackles the complexity and magnitude of time similar to Dr. Strange.
Moreover, the Inception movie storyline deals with a fictitious world produced in dreams and altered by the subconscious mind.
Whereas Marvel’s Dr. Strange follows the occult world’s story, which, similar to inception, creates distinct worlds and can even commute in them as per following the subconscious mind’s orders. So, this poster artist was a stroke of genius who did a tremendous job by placing Marvel’s character on a film poster.

Marvel’s Deadpool Starring Ferris Bueller’s day off


Deadpool is an ideal substitute for Ferris Bueller’s day off movie due to their personality similarities.
John Hughes’s Ferris Bueller’s day off is a chief chunk of everybody’s childhood. Moreover, in that movie, Bueller’s character is humorous and always stays content, similar to Deadpool. Additionally, Marvel’s Deadpool and Ferris Bueller both are “Breaking the fourth wall” names, meaning that both characters directly contact the spectators.

Marvel’s Ant Man and Iron man in Starring back to the future 2

Ant Man and Iron man in Starring back to the future 2
Ant Man and Iron man in Starring back to the future 2

Surprisingly, this Back to the Future 2 movie poster felt like Marvel’s Ant-man, and the Iron man created it.
Robert Zemeckis’s flick is based on the time travel concept in which Emmett “Doc” Brown, a Scientist, develops a time travel device and travels with his friend.
Similarly, Marvel’s Avengers End Game also has a concept of time travel where all warriors travel in the past to get the stone from Thanos. However, an Ant-man is the one who gives the idea of time travel, and Iron man works his butt off to fulfill it.

Marvel’s Spider Man Starring Home Alone

Spider Man Starring Home Alone
Spider Man Starring Home Alone

Marvel’s Spider-Man can replace John Hughes’s Home Alone due to their persona similarity and the Spiderman series having two movies having Home in it.
Additionally, Home Alone is an unfragmented movie of our childhood. It is a story of a boy whose frightened and innocent nature reminds us of Spider Man’s character. However, the age difference between both the characters exists, but they have the same level of innocence and fear.

Marvel’s Thanos Starring The Godfather

Thanos Starring The Godfather
Thanos Starring The Godfather

Marvel’s Thanos addition on the poster of GodFather is entirely fitting. Marvel’s Thanos can be an ideal example of The Godfather. The Godfather is an individual who can create and destroy anything. A character like Thanos, who has all the infinity stones, can do every possible and impossible thing in this world.
Moreover, the personality of Thanos is very similar to Michael Corleone in Godfather. Additionally, Thanos’ ideology and Corleone’s are indistinguishable, which says that life and death are like ying-yang and essential to each other.

Black Panther Starring Coming 2 America


Black Panther Starring Coming 2 America
Marvel’s Black Panther looks handsome in the poster of the movie coming to America. John Landis Coming 2 America is a Story of an African king Akeem Joffer who went to new york to find a perfect bride. However, Marvel’s Black Panther is a King of Wakanda who obtained a superpower by consuming the Alien fruit.
Additionally, the coming 2 America movie banner reflects the royalty and integrity of Black Panther.

Marvel’s Avengers Starring The Breakfast Club

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The fight club film banner denotes the intense friendship bond and cute little quarrels between buddies. Similarly, Marvel’s Avengers Warriors are an example of perfect brotherhood. Be it the small fights between Captain America or Iron Man or the immense friendship between them. Even each gang member is present for each other in need. For instance, Cap took the Mjolner to save Thor from the Thanos. Moreover, the distinct qualities of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Ant-Man completes the group of Marvel’s Avengers.


In conclusion, these are individual movie posters made by artists who go the extra mile to find a familiar poster for Marvel films. These film banners enhance the beauty of Marvel characters.


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