“As if they have something better to do”: Kelly Ripa’s Rival Megyn Kelly Blasts Meghan Markle as “Pathetic Money-Grubbing Spotlight Addict” For Refusing To Go To King Charles’ Coronation

Journalist Megyn Kelly blasted Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after rumors claim that they would not attend King Charles’ coronation ceremony. It was revealed that the royal couple got an invite to the coronation, however, Prince Harry hinted in January that he might ditch the event.

Now Megyn Kelly took to her Twitter to criticize the couple for their decision. She simply called them attention seekers and accused them of “betraying” King Charles. It is yet to be confirmed if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the event as they have claimed that the decision cannot be disclosed as of now.

Megyn Kelly blasted Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Twitter

Megyn Kelly and Meghan Markle
Megyn Kelly and Meghan Markle

American journalist Megyn Kelly came after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Twitter. She retweeted news about the couple stating that their decision to attend the coronation will soon be disclosed. The journalist wrote,

“Look at these pathetic money-grubbing spotlight addicts – King Charles invites them to the coronation despite their mean-girl betrayals and it’s ‘we’ll have to think about it.’ As if they have smthg better to do, and as if they would ever miss the chance to see themselves on cam.”

King Charles III’s coronation is all set to take place on 6th May 2023.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle refused to attend the coronation

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Recently a Sussex spokesperson revealed that the couple has received the invitation and their decision to attend the coronation cannot be publicly disclosed at the moment,

“I can confirm The Duke has recently received email correspondence from His Majesty’s office regarding the coronation. An immediate decision on whether The Duke and Duchess will attend will not be disclosed by us at this time.”

Prince Harry sat down with Tom Bradby in January and hinted that he is planning to ditch the event. He further explained that he is willing to sit down with the royal family and sort things out in a civil way.

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Celebrities are boycotting the coronation

Prince Harry and King Charles
Prince Harry and King Charles

It was previously revealed that several A-list celebrities like Elton John, the Spice Girls, and Harry Styles, have refused to perform at King Charles’ coronation ceremony because of the monarchy’s alleged links to Jeffrey Epstein. Sources have claimed that Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and claims of sexual abuse against him have delayed the coronation. The organizers are reportedly having a tough time trying to gather performers for entertainment at the event.

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