As Jennifer Lopez Relies on Cosmetics To Look Young after Alleged Ben Affleck Relationship Troubles, Jennifer Garner is Breaking Internet With Makeup-Free Video

Jennifer Garner is known for always being at the top when it comes to her makeup routine. Her ex-husband, Ben Affleck has said she relies on her cosmetic for looking young. This comes after the actor last year tied the knot with his long love Jennifer Lopez. Garner and Affleck ended their 10-year marriage, and soon after that, he had an intimate wedding with Lopez.

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner

The actress has been quite active on her Instagram. She has been giving her life updates to her fans through the social media platform. The 50-year-old has gone through a big transformation and is flaunting her new hair. She had added highlights to her short bob haircut with honey-blonde dye. Now the Alias star has even shared a no-makeup look for her fans on her Insta account.

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Jennifer Garner shares an au natural look on her Instagram

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner

The ex-wife of Ben Affleck relies on cosmetics to look young since their divorce. The former couple got divorced after 10-year-long marriage. They shared three children and are now co-parenting them. The Argo actor got married to her love Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Garner has been active on her Instagram since her divorce and has been sharing high-quality content, from amusing sketches to stunning cosmetic makeovers. The actress has recently shared a new video on her social media, which is a blend of adoration and cuteness. Her new video involves a dog.

The Valentine’s Day star has shared a video in which she has gone au naturel, sporting a face free of makeup and glasses. Her natural look confirms the 50-year-old hasn’t aged a day since 2004. The video also shows how gorgeous the actress looks.

There is a dog in the video named Birdie, to whom the 13 Going on 30 actors are seen signing. The footage is so authentic, and it presently has 1.1 million views and more than 60 thousand likes. Garner sings a song from the hit musical A Chorus Line and wrote in her caption, “Birdies more of a “Val” than a “Morales”, don’t you think?”.

The fans are loving this natural look of the American actress, and they are certainly in awe after seeing Birdie.

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Fans are leaving adorable feedback on Jennifer Garner’s new post

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner

After sharing the new video on her Instagram, the mother of three is getting some adorable feedback from the audience. Especially her dog Birdie has become the highlight of the footage. Even the actress with no makeup look is the best part of the video.

The fans wrote, “Birdie, blink twice if you need help.” Another wrote, “I’m glad to see I’m not the only weirdo who does stuff like this to my dog. Thanks for always making me feel normal, Jennifer Garner.”

They are loving this adorable content and want this kind of wholesome dog content. 

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