“At least the people that mattered knew that we were joking”: Taylor Swift’s “Beef” With X-Men Star Drove Her Fans Crazy After Awkward Moment from Award Show

Taylor Swift is one of the most influential musicians in the world right now. Not just because of her music, but she is also known for having a beef with some of the major celebrities in the Hollywood industry. Now that she is just focusing on getting super low-key in her personal life, there was a time when she had a bizarre encounter with Olivia Munn.

Taylor Swift
American singer, Taylor Swift

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Their super viral awkward moment happened in 2013 when the actress snatched the award from the singer onstage. Though she clarified her intentions later on, the former’s fans were not happy with the encounter.

Olivia Munn Snatched Taylor Swift’s Trophy in The 2013’s People Choice Awards

Taylor Swift and Olivia Munn
Taylor Swift and Olivia Munn

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The 42-year-old actress, Olivia Munn back in 2013 pulled a rather awkward prank on Taylor Swift. The singer won the favorite country artist award at People’s Choice Awards from the former and The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki. While the former initially handed over the award to the latter, she later on, casually took the trophy from her hands.

The singer shared at the time, “This always happens.”

And it will always happen, Taylor,” Munn responded. “This is your lot in life.”

While the X-Men actress, later on, clarified that it was just a recreation of the viral 2009 VMAs incident where Kanye West interrupted the singer during her special moment, fans didn’t take it lightly. They shared their opinions by stating that the moment was rather awkward especially when the 2009 incident was not something to be recalled again. They kept on discussing the incident on socials with many agreeing that the moment was quite bizarre.

Olivia Munn Addressed The Infamous 2013 Moment With Taylor Swift

Olivia Munn and Taylor Swift
Olivia Munn and Taylor Swift

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With many speculations going around about their possible beef, the actress shared with E! Online that the whole stage prank was planned.

“It was a whole bit that we planned and it was supposed to be funny. Somebody said to me the other night ‘Did you want to take her award?’ and I [was like], ‘I didn’t want to take her award’.

She continued,

“Because Kanye took her award and that’s the kind of thing people do. And she was so sweet and we were laughing about it.”

She further stated the awkward situation was rather just a joke between the duo.

“I guess some people didn’t [know we were joking]. But at least the people that mattered knew that we were joking.”

They were recreating the infamous moment that happened between the singer and the disgraced rapper. She also took a dig at the 45-year-old rapper when she accepted the award for Video Vanguard at the 2015 VMAs.

Source: E!Online

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