Birds of Prey: Name changed after the movie release

Birds of Prey is released, and fans are loving Harley Quinn’s latest outing. The movie has been “Certified Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, and the score given by the audience is higher. The critics’ score of the film sits at 83% on Tomatometer, and the rating provided by the audience is hovering at 88% at the time of writing.

Birds of Prey and DC

Birds of Prey releases

There were some concerns on whether or not it could work when Margot Robbie first advanced the idea of a Birds of Prey movie, but it seems like people have been worried for no reason. DC will have to decide what they have to do with the DC Extended Universe in the coming times if Wonder woman 1984 results to be as significant as its predecessor was.

DC Movies as a whole

DC movies
The DC Movies

Shazam! has 90%, while the first Wonder Woman has 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Apparently some movies haven’t fared as good as these, like Man of Steel (56%), Batman vs Superman (28%) and Justice League (40%). Joker’s biggest win could be still featured in the Oscar on the top of the massive box office haul.

Margot Robbie’s Vision

Margot Robbie
Robbie’s vision for the girl gang

Margot Robbie has been dreaming of this success when she hatched the idea for the project. She said, “I pitched the idea of an R-rated girl gang film including Harley, because I was like, ‘Harley needs friends.’ Harley loves interacting with people, so don’t ever make her do a standalone film,” she said. “She’s got to be with other people, it should be a girl gang. I wasn’t seeing enough girl gangs on screen, especially in the action space. So that was always a big part of it.”

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