Australia Reportedly Branding Kanye West as Enemy of the State for Anti-Semitic Rant, $400M Rich Rapper Won’t Ever Be Able to Meet Wife Bianca Censori’s Family in Melbourne

Ye recently is in the headlines for all things negative. And might get banned from entering Australia. The rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and jack of many other talents has become arguably one of the most hated people. Kanye West’s anti-semitic comments and weird antics garnered him this honor. Kanye West previously divorced his wife of seven years and the mother to his four children Kim Kardashian. He also ran a now unsuccessful presidential campaign. The self-proclaimed “Hitler-lover” most recently is in the headlines for marrying Yeezy design architect Bianca Censori.

Kanye West’s permission to visit Australia might get denied to meet his wife’s family.

Kanye West
Kanye West

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Will Kanye West get banned from entering Australia?

Australia is notorious for revoking visas on the simplest of things. It has done so previously for failing a “good character” test. Thus, Kanye West‘s comments stand no chance in front of the Australian Government according to speculations. He reportedly will be joining his new “not technically” in-laws as the marriage is not legalized yet for a get-together in Melbourne.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori
Kanye West and Bianca Censori

Therefore, the Education Minister of Australia says to Nine Network TV,

“I expect that if he does apply, he would have to go through the same process and answer the same questions,”

Peter Wertheim, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry co-chief also shared his views on the topic on Sky News stating,

“We’ve made the case that this particular individual does not meet the character test and that it would be in the national interest not to grant him a visa and we set out our reasons in some detail.”

Australia has a history of revoking visas left and right. Thus, many are speculating the ex-billionaire might not pass. Therefore, the question of whether he will be granted permission to visit is still under review.

Kanye West
Kanye West

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Why is Kanye West in trouble?

He is in trouble for multiple things. Mostly for his anti-Semitic comments. It took it a step further by infamously saying,

“I like Hitler.”

On the Alex Jones’ show Infowars. Kanye West was also suspended from Twitter for posting a picture of “Swastika merged with the Star of David”. He also was seen chanting “white lives matter” for a few weeks and allegedly hanging out with white nationalists. These are some of them from the list of many more.

Kanye West on the "Inforwars"
Kanye West on the “Infowars

Kanye West after being “missing” for a few days married Bianca Censori who hails from Australia. Although the marriage is not legally registered yet, the pair seems happy. The Australian authority doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Kanye West. Thus, the future of the trip is still not yet decided.

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Source: TMZ

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