Abhilasha Munjal

Abhilasha Munjal

RoboCop Cast: Then Vs. Now

Robocop has been existing ever since we have known or learned about fiction. Back in 1987, the director Paul Verhoeven unleashed the concept of robocop which is a simple yet interesting sci-fi action flick wherein the darkly comic satire has…

5 Disturbing Things About DC’s Peacemaker

Peacemaker, HBO Max Series has been announced beforehand. This commented on the special presence of Cena. He has already made the way into DC extended universe. Peacemaker has gained immense popularity wherein a vibrant star-filled trailer, curated for James Gunn’s…


5 Cliches in Marvel Movies

Superhero movies have been a popular dose of entertainment. From being youngsters to teens and even senior citizens, everyone loves watching Marvel movies. They have been in our lives for a long time now wherein the major revolution was brought…