Avatar 2: Many Tweets Convey Lack of Interest Towards Sequel

Avatar 2 is set for a 2021 release, and we’re just less than 2 years away from the sequel of the box office hit. Avatar, released in 2009, was highly praised for its visual effects and cinematography, earning it the highest spot at the box office for a decade until Avengers: Endgame took the spot. James Cameron’s sequel of his massive sci-fi epic is one of four sequels planned for the franchise, which means that this is just the beginning of a massive sci-fi experience to a whole other world. 

Expectations For Avatar 2

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Avatar (2009) went on to become the highest-grossing film until 2019

With 12 years between the first film and the sequel, and almost a decade of constantly improving visual effects technology, there’s a lot of curiosity on what Avatar 2 will bring to the table. 20th Century Fox took to Twitter to share an early look for the film during the Consumer Electronics Show. James Cameron had shared images that showed multiple works of concept art for the 2021 film. 

Responses To James Cameron’s Concept Art

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Avatar 2 is set for a December 2021 release

The sneak peeks into the concept of art received a lot of attention and several interesting responses on social media. A significant number of people shared their doubts on whether the hyped sequel will really be worth the wait, while some are wondering if there are any people who actually want to see Avatar 2 release. Another set of responses revolve around jokes made about some of Avatar’s problematic qualities. Check out the responses below:





Source: Comicbook, Polygon

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