If you’re a Hulk fan, I’m sure you’re aware of its many incarnations. From Gray Hulk to Savage Hulk to Doc Green and Green Scar, Hulk has undergone many changes over the years in Marvel. Every Hulk has graced and attracted fans and has mounded the character to what we know today. However, Professor Hulk was a remarkable persona which went popular among the 90’s Marvel fans.
He was originally introduced in 1991’s Incredible Hulk #377 and it ran during the 90’s but hasn’t had a reboot since. Professor Hulk stands out as one of the most unique and remarkable characters ever created by Marvel. Many fans even believe that Prof. Hulk will make a debut onscreen soon and will revive this storyline. So today we will revive those old days and tell you about 8 Professor Hulk facts you probably didn’t know.

8. Three Hulks in One

For years, two Hulks lived inside Bruce Banner: one gray and one green. These two, along with Bruce himself constituted Bruce’s conscious and unconscious self. The green Hulk is seen to be dimwitted while Gray one has a manipulative personality and wants power and money.
This often stirred up Bruce who was finding it difficult to live with three different personalities and to bring a balance this, merged himself into one Hulk: Professor Hulk.

7. He wears clothes

He doesn’t wear the traditional purple shorts but fashions classy suits and ties to tanks and jeans. In short, he doesn’t have a signature look and it varies from wearing slacks to a white shirt. You might even seen him with an elastic looking suit with suspenders. And well, obviously he wears torn clothes sometimes because Hulk, no matter what incarnation it is, has to wear torn clothes. That just comes along with being Hulk.

6. Not actually a professor

Hulk defeats countless villains, makes an impact on the AIDS epidemic and worked as a mechanic too but he wasn’t really a professor.
Fans created the name Professor Hulk because it represents the character’s intellectual side and his crazy side too. While it can be argued that this might not be the perfect name for him but it instantly went viral among fans.

5. She-Hulk inspired

Professor Hulk seems to be a male version of She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters. Walters is Bruce’s cousin who after using some of Banner’s blood transforms into Hulk. However, unlike Bruce, she can control her powers.
Professor Hulk is rational most of the times like She-Hulk, they both wear clothes and have a lot of self confidence.

4. Doomed to fail

From his first appearance in #377 to his final in #445 of The Incredible Hulk, the character failed every time. He was always supposed to fail as he was seemingly great and idealised but he wasn’t really created to last. He lacked some of the main characteristics that made Hulk the Hulk.
He doesn’t say “Hulk Smash!” and he rarely wears the signature purple shorts. It simply never lasts.

3. Lasted five years

Well, he seemed to have destined to fail but he doesn’t fail quickly. He last for five years and 68 issues which is almost twice as long as the modern series. Fans got to see a new set of challenges and he had a lot of faults but it answered the question of fans that what would Hulk be like if he did have control.

2. Jean Grey is his end

In the final issue of Professor Hulk, Hulk and X-Men find themselves fighting against Onslaught and Hulk realises that the only way to defeat Onslaught was to turn off his human side. Without Banner, Hulk would grow stronger and angrier.
Jean Grey is given the task and after resisting for a bit, she shuts down Banner part of his mind releasing the vintage animalistic Hulk. Jean never tries to bring back the Professor Hulk persona back and Onslaught’s end is also the end of Professor Hulk.

1. He could be in Avengers 4

The recently released Avengers 4 fan art reveal Hulk with a more human face and a full body suit. Even he looks less bulkily built up and all these things point to Professor Hulk but these things might be pointing towards something else.
With the franchise running on its full length, it would be a risky move to introduce Professor Hulk in the storyline and since neither Gray Hulk not Samson is a part of MCU, it would be really difficult to adapt to the Professor Hulk storyline.

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