‘Avengers 4’ BTS Video Of Gamora AKA ‘Zoe Saldana’ Fuels Time Travel Theory

As fans are already speculating/formulating theories about Avengers 4 and while there are many films that are gaining popularity, a newly discovered piece of evidence might simply confirm what many people may have thought.

A lot of clues and leaked set pictures from Infinity War have earlier teased that time travel might be a possibility in Avengers 4 and now after a few old pictures from Zoe Saldana’s Instagram have resurfaced, it seems like time travel is much more likely in the film.

Saldana’s Gamora was among the characters who met their sad end in the Infinity War after Thanos sacrificed her life for the Soul Stone. However, Saldana has earlier revealed that she’s currently involved in filming Avengers 4 and that her character will return soon.


In her Instagram post, we can see her with the make-up team getting ready for Avengers 4 and considering that this post was posted in December 2017 and we can see Gamora suited up in a costume that looks familiar to her look in the first installation of Guardians of the Galaxy.

If you carefully notice, Gamora can be seen wearing a similar garb as she does in the deleted scene from Infinity War. But her hair looks much different than what we see in the post on Instagram as they look already styled in her post. Keeping in mind that reshoots are really expensive, it’s more likely that this photo was for Avengers 4 principal photography than for an unused additional Infinity War footage.

So can we already presume that Avengers throughravel back to time to change Gamora’s fate? This seems like a likely outcome though the Russo brothers can definitely toss everyone by choosing a different way.

Either way, all the questions will be answered when Infinity War releases on April 3, 2019.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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