The details of Avengers 4 has been under strict wraps by Disney. The veil of secrecy is so thick that fans don’t even know the title for the film until now. However, a recent leak confirms that at least one dead MCU character would return in next year’s Avengers 4.

While appearing on the UFC Unfiltered podcast, MCU star Frank Grillo revealed that “Crossbones” will return in Avengers 4. However, the character did not resurrect after the Snap, rather his return was part of a flashback sequence in the film.

“Frank Grillo: “He [Crossbones] makes an appearance in the next Avengers movie. But it’s a flashback.”

“Yeah and I’m allowed to say whatever I want because I’m never doing another Marvel movie.”

Jim Norton: “Why Not?”

Frank: “Because I’m 117 years old.”

This odd method of bringing Crossbones back isn’t very odd, if you conned the dots of the rumoured plot lines for Avengers 4. The film has already teased a heavy dose of sci-fi in the plot, with speculations of time travel to undo the effects of the “Snappening.”

The leaked set photos reveal the New York Battle scene from 2012’s Avengers and events of Ant-Man. For now, it’s hard to say if Grillo’s Rumlow or Crossbones will be back in Avengers 4, but the statement from Grillo assures the theory of time travel in the film.

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