A new fan theory suggests that the Infinity Stones will be shared among the Avengers at the end of Avengers 4.

The epic follow-up to Infinity War will arrive next year but fans have already started to formulate various theories around it. Avengers won’t be the end of a movie, but just an end of the first saga that consists of one to three phases.

With 22 films in a span of 11 years (including Captain Marvel and Avengers 4, scheduled to release next year, a new fan theory suggests that the big ending will see all six Infinity Stones distributed among the Avengers.

This theory by Reddit user, meme_abstintent says:

Strange – Time: Because it’s his.

Captain Marvel – Power: Because she’s the most powerful

The Guardians – Soul: Because Gamora is still in there (the plot of Guardians of the Galaxy 3).

They continued: “Vision – Mind: Because it’s his.

Scarlet Witch – Reality: I mean, she’s already halfway there power wise.

Tony Stark (retired) – Space (So that he can travel though-out Space when necessary to unite the team or Avengers (he will direct S.W.O.R.D)

Bonus Round: Thor is still alive, but he does not want an Infinity Stone near Asgard again (for obvious reasons).

They added: “The Infinity Watch will meet again, down the MCU road when needing to assemble or destroy the stones.

The members pledge to protect the stones and to also never use them.

This keeps all of them nerfed, including Doctor Strange. Because lets face it, if he could just always rewind time he is unstoppable.”

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