Avengers 4: Fan Theory Claims That Erik Selvig Will Play An Important Role In Defeating Thanos

Avengers 4 is like a cultural phenomenon on the horizon, much like Marvel Studios and every fan feels they have the best idea on what’s actually going to happen. While many fan theories are nothing more than fan fiction, where some seem too good to be even true.

A new fan theory came up on the Marvel Studios subreddit yesterday which may be the most thorough one we’ve seen yet, and it involves a character we haven’t seen since sometime which will play a key role in Avengers’ success in taking down Thanos.

The theory by user mushbert claims that Thor supporting actor Stellan Skarsgard, who plays Erik Selvig holds the key to defeat the Mad Titan. He begins with Selvig’s jumbled notes from his chalkboard in Thor: The Dark World. As it points out, Selvig predicted many events in the MCU coming true since his mental breakdown, all of which can be read on the Reddit post.

It states that since Selvig was under the sway of the Mind Stone as it was still contained in Loki’s Sceptor which gave the scientist all the information about the events that were about to happen. The hints that he knew about Thanos’ snap which saw the wipe-out of half the universe, and although they aren’t necessarily gone forever, they aren’t really alive either creating a Schrödinger’s cat scenario.

Selvig’s notes from The Dark World can be decoded into hinting at space and time travel, thanks to “Fractal Gateways Connecting Multiple Branes” section of the chalkboard. As it points out, the verbiage relates to the Quantum mechanics, a plot that carries a decent amount of importance in a post-Ant-Man 2 world.

It also suggests that Selvig knew that the Snap was about to happen and create a fault within which the multiverse crashes in on itself. The theory states that Cosmic entities like Living Tribunal and Lord Chaos are bigger threats than the Mad Titan. The theory further claims that Thanos, feeling guilty about sacrificing Gamora will try snapping again to reverse the actions only to create a larger rip in time-space continuum which may also end up giving us The Fantastic Four and X-Men.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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