A new Avengers 4 theory has surfaced with an Infinity War quote that may have been hiding the trailer release date of the upcoming film.

As pointed out by Reddit user, Ethaniopia, the Avengers 4 site which is on the countdown clock to the film’s release will reach a certain number and we’ll get the first trailer for the film. And that number? The same that Doctor Strange delivered in his famous speech during the future predicting speech of Infinity War.

Strange used the Time Stone to visit various futures in which Avengers fight Thanos. He visited 14,000,605 futures, which means that the trailer would drop around the 140-day mark of the countdown. While writing it, the countdown clock is at 159 days which means that the trailer could release on December 13.

This also happens to be the day of the screening of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. The speculations reveal that the film’s trailer would debut the same day and will be attached to the theatrical screenings on Spider-Verse.

The user also states that Thursday Night Football could also be used as a platform for the release of the trailer on TV. This connection would be cool if Marvel Studios decides to follow this.

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