Avengers 4 Time-Travel Theory For Tony Stark Will Blow Your Mind

There have been theories around the upcoming Avengers 4 until now. Since Marvel isn’t slipping out any details, the fans are going pretty hard at predicting what the film has in store for us. However, one needs to know that not every theory may come true in the film.

Even if the theory sounds astounding, don’t bet upon as it’s likely for it to not become a reality. Directors and Screenwriters of Avengers 4 have already told fans that it will not be what we think it to be. Even after various rumours and set leaks, there’s so much we don’t yet know about the film. We don’t even know the title of the film yet, let alone its plot.

Time travel is something that has been confirmed, thanks to set leaks and interviews. The film is also expected to spend a lot of time in the Quantum realm, as it might see Tony Stark and Scott Lang traveling back in time to prevent the snap.

According to Redditor ch671, not only will Tony travel back in time but he’ll be doing a dark little switcheroo which will change everything in the MCU. The theory adds that Tony will choose to kill his own past self.

Here’s the theory:

“Tony Stark actually died when he went through the portal and the future Tony Stark replaced him and made it back through time at that exact moment! Remember this was the only chance Tony from the future had to switch places with the Tony from the past. The portal closed on him as he was about to fall through so he was actually left stranded in space. Or he was somewhere in between. Could those two seconds of yellow lightning have anything to do with the quantum realm/time travel. We know from Ant Man and the Wasp that Quantum realm is yellowish in color, exactly like those two seconds.”

However, we still don’t know if the film will have Quantum Realm but he does answer why Tony decides to kill himself off.

“How can there be a Tony from the future if Tony died in the portal? This one is obvious. The original Tony was supposed to come back but Tony from the future realized it’s better to switch suits and let the old Tony die. Maybe everything that happened after Avengers 1 happened because Tony Stark from future made it back. In an alternate universe where the old Tony died and the future Tony didn’t make it back, things go a lot worse for Avengers without Tony. Maybe that’s why he sees a vision of them dead in Avengers 2 and decides to build Ultron. Maybe Dr. Strange knows Tony from Infinity war HAS to make the trip back in time to ensure things go as they do, and that’s the only one in 14 million chance that they have. Obviously this is time-paradoxical and very hypothetical but since when has something like that stopped sci-fi movies from imagining.”

The user conveys that if Tony switches himself with his past version and lets himself get stranded in the outer space, it will create a paradox event which carries out the theory forward. However, any of this is highly unlikely to happen and Marvel will never kill off their main man like that.

Avengers 4 will release on May 3.

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