Avengers 4 Trailer Release Date: It Is Coming Sooner Than You Could Imagine

We all know how Infinity War ended for our heroes. Thanos has already won and has wiped out half the existence, including many superheroes. But is that this end? Obviously not! Avengers 4 will certainly see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes fighting back. Marvel fans can’t wait for Ye Mega crossover and now the release date of the films first teaser trailer is reportedly out. And guess what? It’s sooner than you expected.

The trailer for Captain Marvel is out already and it got many Marvel fans on the edge of their seats. But Avengers 4 will be HUUUGE! The film will release a few weeks after Captain Marvel, which means that the first look at the film shouldn’t be too far away!

Fans have been debating over the title of the film and many stars and crew members have also taken a dig at fans for the anticipated title reveal. (yes, we’re looking at you, Mark Ruffalo)

Film analysts predict that the release for the first trailer could be anytime soon and the plot details for the film are bound to reach the audience anytime soon. Recent reports confirm that the trailer for Avengers 4 is currently in the hands of Marvel’s Digital Media Remastering Department. This is exactly where trailers are sent before their IMAX screenings.

Thereby, we predict that the trailer would get released somewhere in next month, given that the two previous Avengers films also released its first look around the same time of the year! (Can’t wait for it!)

Avengers 4 will hit the theatres on May 3 next year!

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