Hawkeye And Black Widow Vormir Scene Was Changed

The Avengers: Endgame scene on Vormir featured a battle between Black Widow and Hawkeye.  Now we know that this wasn’t always the plan. The scene initially saw Black Widow battling a group of Thanos’ henchmen to claim the Soul Stone for the Avengers. Later on, the directors changed the view.

Directors Joe And Anthony Russo’s Stance

The Russo Brothers

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo explain why they had to change the scene.  Anthony Russo said that initially, they began to smell this while executing. Therefore they confirmed it once they started to focus on editing. They wanted to make it Black Widow’s final test with Hawkeye, a character who she’s been so close to. Consequently, this would give an ending worth remembering to her character.

Process Of Change In The Scene

Hawkeye and Black Widow, the epitome of selfless friendship.

The Directors started talking about it in post-production with their editor Jeff Ford. They started spitballing: “Isn’t the perfect version of this scene Hawkeye versus Black Widow? None of the heroes is going to let the other die? They know they have to complete a mission that involves the sacrifice of one of them. These characters had such a rich relationship throughout the MCU. Why don’t we make the conflict between these two characters?”

Evolution Of The Scene

Hawkeye and Black Widow did not agree to give up on each other for the Soul Stone.

The Russo duo thought the scene would be too tragic to have two best friends fight each other for the right to die and save the universe.  Joe Russo said in a previous interview, “We procured a way to design it for maximum emotional value. The lead characters keep switching hands in a way that puzzles the audience as to who is going to make it over that cliff alive”. Black Widow is the sole female member of the original Avengers. After they resorted to the idea of her death, they focused on figuring out reasons to make her death meaningful and resonate. As a result, in her last moments, she saves Clint. When he leaps over, she fastens him to the cliff wall while she hangs onto his arm. The scene truly felt like the paradigmatic climax of the fight between two best friends.”

Source- Comicbook, indiewire


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