Avengers: Endgame Minute Details To Blow Your Minds

MCU’s decade- long arc came to an end with Avengers: Endgame. The film wasn’t just full of tragic ends or new hopeful beginnings; it had many hidden details which will keep any fan extremely happy and even if they watch it for the umpteenth time.

Here are some spotted by the hardcore Marvel fans. How many of these Endgame Easter Eggs Have You Spotted?

1. Dark Wore A T-shirt At Tony’s Funeral


Drax had never worn a t- shirt before in all MCU movies. But in the Endgame, Drax was seen wearing a shirt to pay respects to Tony Stark. That was the only occasion he was wearing one..t.

2. Thor Always Aimed For Thanos’ Head In Their Fight Scenes

In Avengers: Endgame, Thor only aimed for the head whenever he fought Thanos . The above are all the fighting scenes between Thor and Thanos.

3. When Clint’s Family Disappear, The Birds Did Too!

In the Endgame movie, during the very opening scene with Clint’s Family, many birds could be heard in the background. However, when his family vanished, even the sound of the birds were gone.

4. Bucky Knew It Before Hand That Steve Rogers Was Not Going To Be Around

During the scene in Avengers: Endgame, when Captain America is on his way to return back the infinity stones and everyone (including all of us) were expecting him to return back. Bucky, however says his goodbye to Steve Rogers known that he is not going to return back to this current timeline. This moment just showed how close their friendship was.

5.  Hulk’s Glasses Had Some Fingerprints and Small Scuffs Too

In the movie, Professor Hulk was seen wearing glasses (which gave him that geeky look). But these glasses were nicely detailed with fingerprints which would of course exist on glossy black frames.

6. Korg Had Actually Grown Moss Since He Was Just Playing Video Games With Thor

When Thor was going through PTSD, all he did was laze around, eat a lot, drink beer and play video games. Korg also became a victim of the same staying with Thor. As a result he started to grow moss due to his lifestyle.

7. Scott Had Orange Slices Ready For Clint When He Got Back From His Mission

During the movie, when Clint is returning from his Time Travel mission, Scott had some orange slices ready for him.
This is in reference to Captain America: Civil War where Scott asked the team for orange slices after he had become giANT- Man.

8. Thor’s Mother Was A Witch And Thus Could See The Future

In Thor: Ragnarok, Loki told Thor that he can’t see into the future as he is not a witch, which was a sly way to imply that witches are able to foresee the future.
And the same was confirmed in Endgame when Frigga could tell that Thor was from future.

9. Cap’s Dragon Skin Armor Could Be Spotted

In Infinity War, Cap’s suit was damaged which revealed the scales used in his outfit in the Endgame.

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