Avengers Endgame: NEW ‘Release Date’ Revealed

We got our first look at Avengers 4 today along with the much-anticipated title reveal (Avengers: Endgame), and that the film will now release earlier, in April instead of May.

It seems like Marvel Studios wanted to hold one particular surprise back for fans who just woke up in those Pacific Time Zones, as now we have our first official Avengers: Endgame poster which reveals the new release date of the film: April 26.

The earlier release date also reflects Marvel’s desire to release the film simultaneously on an international scale, rather than doing the typical staggered release, with U.K. getting new MCU films a week earlier than US. The idea is to obviously cut down on spoilers leaking out, as it seems like Endgame will be keeping the most of its plot a secret, just to keep fans as interested as possible.

Earlier, Infinity War also saw a shift in its release date, which moved up to April 27 this year from its original release date of May 4. It worked pretty well as it motivated a massive global audience to reach the theaters as soon as possible on the opening weekend, helping Infinity War to create history by making $2 billion at the box office.

Hopefully, the marketing for Endgame will be kept under the wraps. The film is speculated to have many juicy reveals and spoilers, which will motivate fans to flock to theaters as soon as possible to watch it.

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