Avengers: Endgame - The heroes' suits were CG!

Marvel fans have always been in awe of movies’ special effects Avengers: Endgame and some might not have been as obvious as they seemed. On Endgame‘s recently-released commentary track, the film’s directors and co-writers spoke about the “Quantum Realm” suits that are used throughout the film and confirmed that they were, in fact, totally CGI.

“Props to the FX team because those boots don’t exist,” the co-writer revealed, during the scene where Hawkeye travels back in time to his family farm before the Snap.

“Entire suit is CGI”

“Entire suit is CG”

A hero filming in CG supporting gear

“Yeah, the entire suite is CG,” co-director Joe Russo explained.

“But it was important to have sort of unifying outfits.” co-writer Stephen McFeely commented.

Given the ways the Avengers can essentially enable or disable their suits on a whim, it certainly makes sense that these costumes would be computer-generated. Still, it’s hard to deny that it’s a pretty impressive creative decision.

It is a usual thing

It is a usual thing
Tony Stark in CG suit

Visual Effects Supervisor Russell Earl had admitted that he didn’t fully know the decision. “I do know that what ends up happening is the suits evolve and change. In this case, I don’t think the design of the suit was fully there when they started shooting the scene and I think they were shooting multiple scenes at multiple locations. I read some articles about people saying that the suits are digital. We do it all the time and we don’t necessarily call it out… So I think the decision came once the suits had to grow to go on and off. So you can either choose to have two suits that they would get in and out of. I think it just came down to wanting to have the flexibility to get the design just right and at the time of shooting wasn’t quite there.”

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