The trailer for Avengers: Endgame shoes a distraught Bruce Banner overlooking a list of superheroes but now a new fan theory states that Bruce is upset over his former lover Betty Ross.

Bruce is spotted in the trailer reviewing records for Ant-Nan, Shuri and those missing after Thanos’ snap. Reddit user u/hulkreborn states that Banner has freshly learned that Betty, daughter of Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross is also among the victims of Thanos’ snap.

This was confirmed by Joe Russo earlier who said that Betty was among the MCU characters dusted by the snap. We haven’t seen Betty since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk as her and Bruce’s relationship had ended by 2015’s Age of Ultron where Banner forged a relationship with Black Widow.

While a 2017’s piece of Scottish Daily listed Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross as a part of Infinity War’s cast, the character didn’t turn up for the film. It’s yet to be known whether she will appear in MCU again.

Endgame will also mark the culmination of the end of three-part arc for The Hulk and Bruce Banner. This arc started with 2017’s Ragnarok and carried through Infinity War. Marvel Studios has kept itself away from The Incredible Hulk until Ross came back as Secretary of State in Civil War.

While Kevin Feige doesn’t expect a Hulk film, Betty Ross could find her way back to the MCU, if Avengers reverse Thanos’ snap.

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