Avengers Endgame Time Travel Suits Originally Looked Different

Before the release of Avengers: Endgame and its trailer, the only thing that made the excruciating wait slightly better was the leaks. One of the most formidable leaks that happened prior to the movie’s release revolved around the time travel suits. The core members of the Avengers wore odd white outfits from head-to-toe for their visit to the Quantum Realm. Initially, fans considered the leaked images to be fake or altered, but the release of the movie confirmed it as the ideal concept all along.

Original Suit Avengers: Endgame Artbook

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The trailer showed the Avengers dressed in red, white and black suits but the reason remained unknown until the film release

With the availability of the Avengers: Endgame artbook, there is further evidence that those specific time travel suits were the ideal concept. The artbook shows several variations of the suits, all of which was a possible final idea for the suits that set the Internet on fire after the release. However, the artbook reveals that the suits weren’t always designed to be white with red accents.

Different Color Scheme for Avengers: Endgame Suits

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The designers attempted to follow a navy-blue colored scheme however, the idea was discarded

Some of the images in the artbook seem to follow a navy-blue color pattern. There are hints of some kind of forcefield around the facial area instead of the white helmet. The different variations given to each aspect of the suit is evidence that a lot of discussion went into designing. It makes sense considering the time heist was a pivotal part of the movie.

Avengers Logo in The Time Travel Suits

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The Avenger’s logo in reverse would signify the ‘going back in time’ aspect of the film

Some of the suits clearly show the Avengers logo tailored into the suit. One of the designers expands on his idea on flipping the logo around. It essentially makes the ‘A’ point in the reverse direction. This is essentially a clever way of implementing the theme of going back in time into the suits themselves. Unfortunately, the design resulted in a significant amount of negative space in each costume.

Source: Comicbook, Mashable

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