Avengers: Endgame's Old Man Rogers Made Chris Evans' Mom Burst Into Tears

Avengers: Endgame was an emotional roller-coaster with many tear-jerking moments for the fans. And for Chris Evans’ mom, one such moment when she saw her son in old Steve Rogers’s makeup.

Captain America’s Endgame

Captain America's Endgame
Fans expected the Cap to perish against Thanos

Since Chris Evans’ contract was coming to an end, there were many fan theories as to how the Marvel Cinematic Universe would wrap up Steve Rogers’ journey. Many predicted he’d die in the epic battle against Thanos. But Captain America survived. And he chose to live his dream life with Peggy Carter and traveled back to the 1940s. Rogers, now pretty old,  returned to the present time to pass on his shield to Sam Wilson.

Chris Evans’ mom cries

Chris Evans' mom cries
Chris Evans as old Steve Rogers

The actor’s mom – Lisa Evans, in a recent interview with Esquire, revealed how she had “burst into tears” when she saw her son in full makeup as Old Cap. And her strong reaction had an equally strong reason – “he resembled his late granddad exactly.” According to Esquire’s profile, Chris Evans’ maternal grandfather – Andrew Capuano – headed the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. And if you want to know what he looked like, you just have to watch Endgame again! Jokes apart, this incident is a testimony to Marvel makeup artists and their witchcraft.

Lisa Evans also revealed how the world-famous actor was reluctant about taking up Captain America’s role. He was worried about losing his anonymity. But on Mama Evans’ advice, not only did he take the Captain’s part but also went on to play Cap in multiple Marvel movies.

Fans want more Cap!

Fans want more Cap!
Chris Evans has played the role of Captain America in multiple Marvel films

Steve Rogers’ ending was pretty controversial for the fandom. Issues like Captain opting to leave behind his present loved ones (especially Bucky Barnes) or Steve being Peggy’s mysterious husband all along stirred confusion. These logistical confusions have raised demands to show more of Cap. However, the primary reason why the fans are still hoping for his comeback is pretty apparent – they are not over the fact that an era has ended! And neither are we.

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