Avengers: ‘Infinity War’ Directors Explain Why ‘The Defenders’ Are Absent From The Movie

Many fans wish to see their favourite Marvel’s Netflix characters appearing on the big screen, and the Russo Brothers (Joe and Anthony) have revealed that they actually had plans to do so in Infinity War.

The tagline of “it’s all connected” has been around in small yet noticeable ways in Netflix’s lineup of shows so far with subtle references to the invasion of New York and Avengers, but during a recent Collider Q&A after a screening, the duo revealed that there were initial plans to get these Netflix owned Marvel characters into Infinity War, but those couldn’t come to life.

Peter Sciretta states that the real reason why these plans couldn’t happen as decided was the fact that this would’ve made the storyline too convoluted. “They talked about involving the Netflix Marvel characters in Infinity War, but they say it was too complicated to correlate story between not only the other Marvel films in production but also the tv productions. They decided the best way to tell the story was to keep it MCU.”

At the time of Infinity war’s production, Netflix series like Daredevil Season 3, Iron Fist season 2, and Jessica Jones season 3 were all under development, and hence, connecting everything that happens with each character across one film and three shows would’ve been hard for creators and somewhat unwieldy.

Marvel has another chance to incorporate these characters, if they so chose to, with Avengers 4, (although it’s highly unlikely) which would hopefully bring back some of the heroes and characters we lost in Infinity War.

Avengers 4 will release on May 3, 2019.

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