Avengers Infinity War: Movie’s 12 Most Surprising Cameos!


Its not even a week and the internet is flooded with Infinity War facts, spoilers and memes. And we at Animated Times are no different. We are about to unleash the 12 most surprising cameos which came in the Infinity War movie.

12. Stan “The Man” Lee.

Whenever a Marvel movie is coming out, we all are desperate to see the cameo of Stan The Man Lee. In an interview at the Infinity War premiere, he said “I am thankful to the fans you came to see my cameo and watch the movie with it.” And at some point, he is correct.
We all are excited to see what he is going to be this time. In Infinity War however, Stan Lee made an early cameo as Peter Parker’s school bus driver.

11. The Outriders

The Outriders made their first comic appearance in 2013’s Free Comic Book Day: Infinity #1, alongside the Black Order. They were considered to be one of the most deadliest creatures in comics. And finally we got a glimpse of them, when they attack the walls of Wakanda.

10. Pepper Potts

Just for some general knowledge, Pepper Potts was introduced by Stan Lee and Don Heck in 1963’s Tales of Suspense #45. Infinity War resumes from the marriage proposal Tony Stark made to Pepper Potts at the end of Spider Man: Homecoming. And that’s where our Gywneth Paltrow makes an appearance.

9. Red Skull

Red Skull quickly made his mark in the cinematic world by his performance in Captain America: The First Avenger. But he disappeared. Infinity War brought him back, this time as the protector of the Soul Stone.

8. Etiri: The Dwarf King

It was always an unknown fact where Mjolnir came from. And now we are clear about that. Thanks to the cameo from Peter Dinklage in Infinity War, where he prepares another weapon for Thor, The Storm Breaker.

7. Heimdall

One of the most loved characters of Thor universe was Heimdall. Thor and Heimdall were friendship goals and that’s what Heimdall proved in Infinity War. Using up all his powers to transport Hulk back to Earth, Heimdall had a short lived performance at the very beginning of the movie.

6. The Collector

Technically, he was no where in the movie. However, he was the reason for Thanos to get the Reality Stone. Thanos thought that since the Reality Stone was with the Collector in Knowhere, he would find it there. However, the Guardians already retrieved it from The Collector in Thor: The Dark World.
The reason why The Collector is so important is because of the fact that he was the first one to explain their strengths in Guardians of Galaxy: Vol 1.

5. M’Baku

Honestly, I found M’Baku much cooler and savage than Killmonger. He was the best Anti-Hero in Black Panther movie. And seeing him fighting side by side with the army was a treat to the eyes.

4. Maria Hill

I hope you all watched the post credits scene. Fury and Maria Hill was the one responsible for the formation of The Avengers, and it seemed awkward to find them missing from the movie. However, the Russo brothers didn’t disappoint as Maria Hill made an appearance in the post credits scene.

3. Wong

He is the sidekick that I would want on my side. Doctor Strange you are so lucky. Wong made his appearance when he discovers Bruce Banners in the sanctum sanctorum.

Wong’s determination and loyalty towards the protection of Time Stone stole a million hearts.

2. Ned Leeds

Talking about sidekicks, we could never forget Ned Leeds. After charming everyone as the best friend to our friendly neighborhood Spider Man, Ned Leeds got a cameo role in Infinity War. Peter wanted him to distract the bus gang so that he could turn into Spiderman. However, what Ned did was completely reverse. He focused everyone’s attention to the alien spaceships. However, it just gave Peter enough time to escape.

1. Nick Fury

Just when you mother lovers thought that there can be an Avengers movie with Samuel L Jackson in it, he proved you all wrong. What he did was not a cameo. He did a major role. He gave us the idea of what’s gonna happen next in the next movie!

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