Avengers: Thor and Jane do not get a reunion!

Avengers Endgame writers had scripted a reunion between Jane Foster and Thor. It would have happened during his return to 2013 Asgard.

Despite many fans rooting for the union of Jane and Thor, the writers seem to have a disappointment in store. They had decided that it wouldn’t be Jane Foster, but Frigga who would pull Thor together while he was to crumble on his journey. 


Fate of the Reality Stone

Fate of the Reality Stone

Instead of showing Rocket Raccoon claim the Reality Stone (then embedded within Jane’s body), the writers chose the wily Guardian of the Galaxy to perform the sensitive task offscreen.

“It seemed for decorum, that maybe getting it out of Jane Foster was better left offscreen,” the writer said.


Another scene dropped

Another scene between Jane and Rocket was dropped. In that scene,  the latter would appeal to her scientific background and request the former’s cooperation.

The writers expressed that some things were better left out. The writers mentioned they didn’t revisit the Dark World in an attempt to correct its reputation.


Emotional closure with Frigga

Emotional closure with Frigga

Going back to the other movies and finding the stones was omitted. Instead, Thor was given emotional closure with his mother, Frigga.

The writing team had wanted each journey that the heroes took not only to be a stone journey.  It was also to provide some emotional resolution.

“Thor’s turmoil was eased by getting together with his mom. And that was a very poignant moment because she dies later that day, so we could both get the stone and seek the resolution that we needed for him.”

Hemsworth and Portman will next appear their respective roles in Thor: Love and Thunder, which sees Jane wield the power of the mighty Thor. Marvel Studios is set to release that picture November 5, 2021.


Have you watched the Endgame trailer yet? Check it out here: 

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