We know the Avengers as the super squad that fight evil and protect the earth. But our beloved group of superheroes aren’t all that virtuous. If you’re someone who hasn’t read the Marvel comics, you’ll be surprised to know that not all of the Avengers were superheroes. Many of our favourites actually started out as villains in the comics.

However, with the slight change in the plot in the movie adaptations, we saw these villains turn into the beloved superheroes we know today,

10.  The Hulk

The Loner Hulk
A glimpse of Hulk

Hulk was never introduced in the Avengers as a hero despite him being a familiar character in Avengers. He prefers to be alone in the movie and perform heroic acts from time to time.

9. Daken

His character displayed as positive was actually negative.
The Bad-Ass Daken

Daken entered as a character that had grey shades. He played opposite Osborn, and that made him appear negative rather than a hero.

8. Doctor Druid

He fought agianst the Masters of Evil

The power and control of a supervillain made Doctor Druid fight against the Masters of Evil. He was responsible for creating problems and difficulties for the Chairman.

7. Punisher

Displayed as a fake hero
A still of Punisher

Looking at the role played by Punisher, it is clear that he was a hero. He supported Electra, Wolverine, and Conan in defeating the enemy. However, Castle knew he was not a hero, and Punisher had threatened him about this fact.

6. Deadpool

Deadpool killed people all his way
The Deadly Deadpool

Seeing Deadpool’s recent popularity, he is considered to be a hero. However, he had the habit of Killing anyone that came his way. That in no way is the quality of any hero.

5. Namor

He prioritized his kingdom
The King Namor

Namor depicted the role of a king to a large extent. The kingdom was close to his heart, and he would leave Avengers behind to safeguard his kingdom.

4. Ares

Harmed X-Men and others
A glimpse of Ares

Ares was a villain to Thor and Hercules. He was friends with Norman Osborn and caused harm to both X-Men and the activists.

3. Bullseye

The perfect example of a ruthless character
A glimpse of Bullseye

Bullseye was an immense ruthless character in Avengers. However, he was turned into a new Hawkeye by Norman Osburn. He posed a significant risk to the people since he believed that killing people is OK despite being a hero.

2. Mac Gargan

Responsible for killing the lives of others
The Venom Mac Gargan

Mac Gargan could convert from Scorpion to Venom at any time. His transformation made him take the lives of other people, making him a villain in Avengers.

1. Norman Osburn

Biggest manipulator Norman Osburn
A close look at Norman Osburn

Initially appearing, as usual, Norman Osburn could manipulate others. He killed the Skrull queen and took control of the government organization, HAMMER. Further, he formed his own Avengers team where shady individuals were invited as long as they followed his orders.

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