10 Awesome Doctor Strange Fan Arts You Will Fall In Love With

Ever since Benedict Cumberbatch joined forces with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the world has never been the same again.

Playing the role of Doctor Strange was a dream come true for not just for Cumberbatch but also for the fans.

We have all wanted him to become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since time immemorial.

Now that he has become a part of it, we want even more from him.

Doctor Strange is reportedly going to be the new pathfinder for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking the place that was once exclusive to Robert Downey Junior’s Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

A superhero of this stature deserves some respect. The fan artists have come forward to portray Doctor Strange in vivid colors and in different settings to celebrate his de facto promotion as one of the heavyweights of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

These are the fan arts we would absolutely like you to fall in love with. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Doctor Strange – the Sorcerer Supreme.


Pencil Arts never really go out of fashion. They have a type of authenticity and intricacy no mechanical hand could ever replicate. This Doctor Strange pencil art just about sums it up.



We are yet to get an official poster for the Doctor Strange sequel titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This fan art poster might be able to quench our thirst for the time being.



That was one classic pose from Avengers: Infinity War. Don’t ever expect to ask Doctor Strange to lend you A hand. He will lend you several.



Can anybody ignore that smoldering look this fan artist has managed to ace within the artwork?



That is some might fine exquisite work. Kudos to the creator. We expect more from this fan artist in the near future.



Now THAT would look really cool. If not Wanda Maximoff, can we expect a female Sorcerer Supreme for a change? Or is it really too much to ask even in 2020?



The art looks incomplete. We still won’t complain though. There is beauty in a flawed masterpiece.



We give you – Doctor Strange – K-Pop Version. Can we expect a crossover in Doctor Strange 2? Yeah, too much to ask.



If Marvel Studios ever settles for a Doctor Strange Animated Series, we would like them to consider this fan art as the template for the animation style. It looks so cartoonish an cool.



FYI, This is our personal favorite.


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